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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

Through its three new streams, the new LDP program addresses the needs of McGill Supervisors, Individuals leading change (e.g. managing change, team leads on projects, etc.) and Academic Advisors.  Participants will be seeking to refine their capacity to enhance their personal effectiveness and increase their influencing skills in service of individual, team and organizational growth and change.
Pre-requisite:  Introduction to Performance Dialogue

Is there a cost?

No. The program is free of charge to eligible McGill University staff.

How much time will I spend in training?

The LDP is a year-long commitment consisting of one to two days per month.   There are no workshops scheduled during the months of July or August.

When does the next LDP begin?

The next program is scheduled to begin in January 2013.

How can I find out more about the program?

Be sure to attend one of the mandatory information sessions this summer if you wish to be one of the candidates in the January 2013 Leadership Development Program. 

What if I have to miss a training session?

Participants are expected to attend all of their assigned workshops.  However, in cases where there is an unavoidable scheduling conflict, participants can sometimes attend on an alternate date. 

What should I do if I am interested in enrolling in the LDP?

First, register for the mandatory LDP information session.   Discuss the prospect with your supervisor, or even attend the information session with him or her. Then, if you are certain the program is right for you, register by clicking here.

What if I have already completed one of the courses in the program?

As a general rule, if the course was completed over a year ago we strongly recommend attending with your LDP group as a refresher. However, the Leadership program manager will review on a case-by-case basis.  

Who qualifies as a “change agent”?

Individuals who are responsible to lead change initiatives in their area, through project management, process improvement, change management, training and development, etc.   They may not have line authority but certainly need to adopt a strategic perspective, influence people and manage processes.
If you think that this applies to you, please register for an information session and discuss this with a member of our LDP coaching team. 

How does the new program work in terms of common workshops and streams?

After the initial program launch, there are core workshops that are common to all participants (Emotional Intelligence, Managing Change, Managing Conflict, etc.).   We will provide an interactive small group approach (approx. 15 participants), but encourage a mix from all three streams to enrich the discussion and learning.
There is a set of three workshops specific to each of the three streams.  These are an obligatory part of the program and obviously done within one’s own stream.  On occasion, one of these workshops may also serve as a chosen “Elective” to a participant in another stream. 
In addition to the core program and the three content specific segments, participants choose two electives.

 What is the relationship to the former LDP?

We are very proud of our LDP graduates, 160 to date.  Many have them have had direct input into the development of this program, helping us to identify ways to make the program even more efficient (now one-year) while maintaining that vital learning opportunities and sense of community.   Favourite workshops still remain and the addition of streams have enabled us to expand into other important and complimentary areas including Project Management, Best Practices Research and Academic Advising/Coaching.

This year, we are building community across cohorts and opportunities will be created to network with both current participants and graduates, face-to-face and through an online community of practice.