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Generic Job Description - Waste Disposal Assistant

PED Number: 
Waste Disposal Assistant
Sub Group:
Job Summary: 
Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, collects and transports hazardous waste materials, animals and various materials for recycling. Ensures compliance with guidelines and regulations. Operates trucks. Assists in emergency spill clean-ups. Maintains equipment.
Major Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Collects hazardous materials such as radioactive, biomedical and chemical waste. Prepares and delivers replacement containers with appropriate identification.

2. Operates trucks of various sizes to transport hazardous waste materials and materials for recycling.

3. Ensures compliance with University and government health and safety guidelines and regulations such as the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act. Ensures proper completion of internal and government documentation. Reports unsafe conditions to supervisor and participates in safety training.

4. Picks up and delivers animals and related materials for satellite facilities.

5. Segregates various materials for recycling.

6. Responds to emergency spills and assists with clean up procedures.

7. Maintains equipment by conducting regular inspection and decontamination procedures. Informs supervisor of requirements for major repairs. Maintains cleanliness of work area.

8. Maintains inventory of supplies and equipment used in the immediate work area; compiles a list of items to be purchased.

9. Operates trucks of various sizes, drum carts, forklifts and waste compactors. Uses equipment such as pH tester, personal computer, respirator, chemical-resistant suit, safety boots and head gear.

10. The list of duties and responsibilities outlined above is representative and not a complete and detailed list of tasks which may be performed by an employee whose position has been matched to this generic job description.
Education and Experience: 
High School Leaving
Drivers' License
Six (6) months related experience