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Generic Job Description - A-V, Design & Photography Technician

PED Number: 
Job Summary: 

Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, assumes responsibility for technical aspects of the projects and experiments which require photographic, audiovisual and graphic design techniques. Plans and designs graphic materials. Plans and executes audiovisual and photography assignments. Acts as resource person. Provides technical advice and assistance in the use of equipment. Oversees equipment loans. Maintains equipment.

Education and Experience: 

DEC III (Multimedia or Graphic Design or related field)
Three (3) years related experience

Major Duties and Responsibilities: 

1. Participates in projects and experiments which require graphic design, photography and audiovisual techniques. Discusses the orientation and technical demands of the projects and assumes responsibility for the technical aspects. Reviews, selects and modifies methodology. Controls the technical quality of projects.

2. Analyses, researches and designs graphic materials and information packages used for teaching, publication and display purposes. Plans the layout, form, choice of materials and overall appearance of assignments.

3. Communicates with printers to monitor quality of work. Prepares cost and time estimates.

4. Plans and executes audiovisual and photography assignments according to general or specific instructions. Prepares designs using graphic software, data-processing software and specialized tools.

5. Coordinates and prepares equipment and materials for assignments.

6. Takes photographs and operates a darkroom. Develops films and edits images. Produces prints of professional quality.

7. Arranges posters, photographs, etc. for display purposes.

8. Delivers, installs and operates audiovisual equipment. Troubleshoots and provides technical support to users.

9. Acts as resource person, resolves problems and instructs others. Provides technical guidance and assistance concerning work methods, the operation of a wide range of audiovisual equipment and related techniques.

10. Oversees equipment loans and sales. Ensures appropriate inventory of equipment and material. Purchases materials and supplies. Evaluates and recommends purchases.

11. Maintains and adjusts equipment. Performs minor repairs. Arranges for servicing and major repairs. Ensures the cleanliness and security of the work area.

12. Maintains and updates database, files, records and processes documents related to activities of the unit.

13. Keeps abreast of new developments in the field to update skills and knowledge.

14. Uses various equipment and instruments such as a camera, enlarger, cutter, duplicator, photocopier, personal computer, photo composer, calculator, drawing board, illuminated table, printer, digital converter, processor, press and machines for coating, light meter and darkroom equipment.

15. The list of duties and responsibilities outlined above is representative and not a complete and detailed list of tasks which may be performed by an employee whose position has been matched to this generic job description.