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Generic Job Description - Building Projects Coordinator

PED Number: 
Building Projects Coordinator
Sub Group:
Job Summary: 
Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, ensures that construction projects are carried out in accordance with specifications and standards. Coordinates the activity of staff, consultants and contractors. Liaises between clients, department and contractors. Acts as resource person. Reviews plans and prepares estimates. Performs on-site inspections. Ensures compliance with project schedules and safety requirements.
Major Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Performs on-site inspection of construction projects to ensure compliance with project schedule, quality of work, specifications, standards and safety procedures. Verifies conformity of projects with contracts and applicable building ordinances.

2. Reviews and suggests modifications to plans and specifications. Prepares tender documents, reports and construction status reports.

3. Discusses projects with architects and engineers. Evaluates cost of projects and prepares estimates. Invites bids or obtains quotations.

4. Defines scope of work and drafts technical descriptions for projects.

5. Coordinates the work of contractors and consultants. Maintains daily records of work performed. Acts as resource person and resolves problems.

6. Confers with officials, contractors, consultants, building code inspectors. Coordinates the work schedule. Organizes temporary relocation of staff and equipment during period of construction. Compiles deficiency lists upon completion.

7. Prepares reports and other documents related to area of activity. Maintains records and files.

8. Maintains equipment and performs repairs. Arranges for servicing.

9. Maintains inventory. Recommends and purchases equipment and material.

10. Keeps abreast of new developments in the field to update skills and knowledge.

11. Uses a variety of equipment such as a computer, photocopier, printer, calculator, drafting table and different measuring tools.

12. The list of duties and responsibilities outlined above is representative and not a complete and detailed list of tasks which may be performed by an employee whose position has been matched to this generic job description.
Education and Experience: 
DEC III (Architectural Technology)
Four (4) years' related experience.