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Generic Job Description - Audiovisual Support Technician

PED Number: 
Audiovisual Support Technician
Sub Group:
Job Summary: 
Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, performs technical tasks related to the production, set-up and distribution of audiovisual materials and equipment. Provides information to clients on proper usage of equipment. Operates and performs routine maintenance of equipment.
Major Duties and Responsibilities: 
1. Performs a variety of tasks to provide technical audiovisual support.

2. Receives requests, confirms availability of assigned equipment and arranges for services of the unit. Provides information on the unit’s policies, procedures, availability and proper usage of equipment.

3. Prepares, installs, sets up, operates and demonstrates audiovisual equipment, including motion picture, slides, and video/data projectors, P.A. systems, audio/video players, laptop computers and peripherals.

4. Inspects, tests, cleans and performs routine maintenance on equipment and films.

5. Makes emergency repairs and ensures the cleanliness and security of the work area.

6. Maintains equipment storage area. Verifies clients’ identification and account number. Issues film and equipment. Receives cash and provides receipts. Records equipment identification number on booking forms.

7. Deals with complaints and late returns; imposes fines. Completes and compiles various reports.

8. Picks up and delivers equipment as required.

9. Assists in the construction or modification of audiovisual facilities.

10. Uses equipment such as photocopier, calculator and various audiovisual equipment.

11. The list of duties and responsibilities outlined above is representative and not a complete and detailed list of tasks, which may be performed by an employee whose position has been matched to this generic job description.
Education and Experience: 
High School Leaving
Six (6) months’ related experience