Generic Job Description - Animal Attendant

PED Number: 
Animal Attendant
Sub Group:
Job Summary: 

Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, carries out duties related to the maintenance, feeding and care of animals according to an established schedule. Assists with tasks related to breeding and sacrifice.

Major Duties and Responsibilities: 

1. Distributes food to animals in established quantities in accordance with a schedule.

2. Cleans and disinfects pens and cages; washes drinking and feeding troughs and other accessories.

3. Cleans, brushes, washes, disinfects and shaves animals.

4. Immediately informs supervisor of any apparent changes in the animals' state of health; takes temperatures as necessary.

5. Assists in the selection of animals for experimental or breeding purposes.

6. Assists with certain tasks such as: anesthesia of animals, taking blood and stool samples, cross-breeding, castration, injections of vitamins or medications. 

7. Weighs animals and food. Carries out euthanasia of certain groups of animals according to established procedures.

8. Receives, stores and delivers food and accessories necessary to the maintenance of animals. As necessary, verifies animals which have been ordered and transports them to the appropriate locations.

9. Disposes of carcasses and waste according to prescribed procedures. Operates incinerator and ensures its cleanliness.

10. Performs minor work relating to the construction or repair of cages and feeding troughs, etc.

11. Takes inventory of animals. Assists in the inventory of supplies and equipment.

12. Completes standard reports.

13. Maintains and performs minor repairs of equipment and instruments under area of responsibility. Ensures cleanliness of work area.

14. The list of duties and responsibilities outlined above is representative and not a complete and detailed list of tasks which may be performed by an employee whose position has been matched to this generic job description.

Education and Experience: 

High School Leaving
Six (6) months related experience