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McGill unions and associations

The University has 13 unions and two non-unionized associations representing academics and level M employees.  The following are the certification dates of each group and the acronyms in referring to each.


AGSEM – Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill – affiliated with the Fédération nationale des enseignants du Québec (FNEQ), a unit of the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN)

2 unions, 2 collective agreements

- teaching assistants, certified January 1993; 3-year collective agreement signed in November 2011 

- invigilators, certified April 2010; collective agreement signed; expires April 30, 2015

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McGill course lecturers and instructors, originally certified August 2011

broke away from AGSEM in October 2013 to form their own union, currently negotiating their first collective agreement


AMURE/PSAC – Association of McGill University Research Employees/Public Service Alliance of Canada

2 unions, 2 collective agreements

-          research associates, certified July 2010; members ratified agreement March 12-13 

-          research assistants, certified December 2010; members ratified agreement March 12-13 

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AMUSE/PSAC – Association of McGill University Support Employees/Public Service Alliance of Canada

1 union, 1 collective agreement

-          non-academic casuals, certified January 2010; 3-year collective agreement signed in April 2012

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MUNACA/PSAC – McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association/Public Service Alliance of Canada

1 union, 1 collective agreement

-          clerical, laboratory and IT technicians, support staff, library assistants, MUNACA originally certified November 1994; 5-year collective agreement signed in June 2012 (contract expired Nov. 2010) 

-          MUNACA/PSAC certification April 2012 

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SEU – Service Employees Union – affiliated with Quebec Labour Federation (QFL)

6 unions, 6 collective agreements

-          SEU Computing centre, certified July 1978; negotiating contract renewal

-          SEU Printing services, certified September 1979; negotiating contract renewal

-          SEU Facilities management, residences, Faculty Club, certified December 1986; negotiating contract renewal

-          SEU Trades and powerhouse, Macdonald campus, certified September 1997; 3-year contract signed June 2011

-          SEU Powerhouse downtown, certified October 2000; 3-year contract signed in June 2011

-          SEU Trades downtown, certified November 2002; 3-year  contract signed in June 2011

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Associations  (membership is voluntary)

MAUT – McGill Association of University Teachers (professors)

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MUNASA – McGill University Non-Academic Staff Association (M level employees)

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