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Benefits enrolment

McGill University has a full range of benefits available to all staff, provided they meet certain minimum requirements with respect to duration of appointment and remuneration.

For information on McGill pension plans, click here.

The McGill Employee Benefits Program includes Supplemental Health, Dental, Short and Long Term Disability, Basic and Optional Life Insurance and Accidental Insurance. See the links below for more information on these plans.

For information on McGill benefits, click here.

As a member of the McGill Benefits Program, you are responsible for monitoring and submitting your health and dental claims. You can select your preferred class of coverage whether it health be “single” or “family,” which can be modified by you in case of certain life events.

Please note that new staff must enroll for benefits ONLINE and choose which benefits they wish to receive PRIOR to being able to receive a first pay cheque. It is therefore essential not to delay this important step in getting paid.

Online Benefits Enrolment Process

  1. New employees must complete the Biographical_information_for_new_employees form and send it by fax or e-mail to the address indicated in the form. Once your department has processed your data, two separate emails will be sent to your personal email address, one with your McGill ID, and one with your temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  2. Within 48 hours upon receipt of your McGill ID and PIN, please go to the LOGIN PAGE of McGill’s in-house database “MINERVA” and sign in using your new McGill ID and temporary PIN. You will be prompted to change your PIN and insert a security question.
  3. Once signed in, follow this route to get to the benefits enrolment form:
    Employee > Your Employee Profile > Benefits Enrolment
  4. Complete the different sections constituting the McGill benefits package following the instructions given in the form.
  5. Once all sections are completed, you will be asked to review them. Once reviewed, you must print out your benefits enrolment form, and lastly click on “confirm enrolment”. This completes the Minerva online benefits enrolment process.
  6. The following documents need to be attached to the hardcopy of your benefits enrolment form:

    Non-Quebec Residents at the Time of Benefits Enrolment

    • proof that you have registered with the Régie de l'assurance maladie Quebec (RAMQ)
    • completed and signed application for Provincial_plan_replacement_coverage (McGill Health Coverage during the three-month waiting period until you obtain your Medicare Card)
    • completed and signed Evidence_of_insurability, if you choose optional life insurance coverage over $100,000.

    Quebec Residents at the Time of Benefits Enrolment

    • copy of your medicare card
    • completed and signed Evidence_of_insurability, if you choose optional life insurance coverage over $100,000.

Additional documentation that you must attach to your hardcopy enrolment form:

  1. Confirmation of Alternative Health Coverage if you have chosen to opt out of the McGill Health Plan.
  2. Application_for_overage_disabled_dependent_coverage if you are requesting extended coverage foryour disabled child over age 21.

Send the signed benefits enrolment form together with all attachments to the address noted below. The signed forms are required by law.

McGill University
Human Resources
688 Sherbrooke Street West - Suite 1520
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 3R1