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Preferential Arrangements

The Pension Administration Committee of the McGill University Pension Plan is has negotiated preferential rates with certain financial institutions for members wishing to purchase an annuity or open a LIF account. This may provide members with non-commissioned annuity rates as well as access to a wide range of professionally- managed investments funds at preferential management rates.

To learn more about the Sun Life and Standard Life offers, you are invited to contact them directly at the numbers below.

Sun life Sun Life Financial
1-855-864-5989 between
8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M Eastern Time
every business day
website at www.sunlife.ca
Standard life Standard Life
(514) 499-4220 for local calls or
1-800-242-1704 extension 4505
website at www.standardlife.ca/mcgill/en/retirement.html

For your convenience, information packages prepared by Sun Life and Standard Life may also be obtained at the McGill University Pension Administration office located at 688 Sherbrooke, suite 1420. You may also refer to Sun Life's documentation:

These options are not the only retirement options or necessarily the best options given your individual needs and circumstances. You are cautioned to carefully consider the merits of each offer in addition to all other retirement options before making any decisions.

This offer should not be considered to represent an endorsement for either institution by the University or the Pension Administration Committee. You should consider discussing your financial future with a qualified professional advisor.