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When you join the McGill University Pension Plan, you must decide on your investment distribution. There are several factors to consider when determining which investments are right for you. Some of the factors are:

  • Age
  • Investment horizon (the number of years to retirement)
  • Retirement goals (standard of living to maintain)
  • Tolerance to risk
  • Investment knowledge
  • Personal situation
  • Net worth
  • Liquidity requirements

Individual objectives and risk tolerances will vary according to personal and financial characteristics specific to each member. You may invest your savings in any combination of the available investment options.  The options fall into basic categories designed to respond to the specific investment objectives of members.

There are two approaches to selecting investments:  You can construct a personalized investment portfolio using one or a combination of the investment options offered or you can use a glide path.  A glide path is an asset allocation or investment mix that is based on your risk tolerance and age and for which the investment mix becomes more conservative over time.

You will find additional information below which may assist you in selecting the investment options which are appropriate to your individual needs and circumstances.

Investment Basics & Tools


The following links have been provided for your consideration. Determining your risk/investor profile is the first step in developing an investment strategy and may assist you in making investment selection decisions.

Investment risk profile questionnaires are designed to assist you in determining your investment style and tolerance for risk. Most financial institutions have worksheets and self-administered tests whose results will only provide you with an approximation of your investor profile. The sites listed are just a few. You are encouraged to compare the recommendations resulting from several sources in order to obtain a reasonably accurate picture for yourself suggesting an asset mix which is suited to your investment style.

You are cautioned that although these sites may assist you in developing an investment strategy, they may not necessarily represent the best sites given your individual needs and circumstances. You are ultimately responsible for choosing the investment options which best suits your needs and you should consider discussing your financial future with a qualified financial advisor.

Statement of Investment Policy


The Pension Administration Committee (PAC) has adopted a comprehensive Statement of Investment Policy which addressed such issues as investment objectives, risk tolerance, asset allocation, permissible asset classes investment diversification, liquidity requirements, expected rates of return, valuation procedures and other issues relevant to the investment process; thereby establishing a framework with which all the investment managers must operate. The policy is reviewed on a regular basis and updated whenever necessary to ensure that it continues to meet legal standards and the investment requirements of the membership.


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