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Let's Do Lunch!

We've got a challenge for you!

Do you grab your lunch and eat it in front of your computer? After a full day with no breaks at all, are you tired, sluggish, and still no further ahead? Evidence shows that more work is not better work.  Plus, by ignoring your body's and your mind's need for a break, you're risking your health.

If you usually work through your lunch break or do not bother taking any other short breaks during the day, we have a challenge for you!

Commit to taking a lunch break at least three times a week (how about every day!) - starting with the next two weeks and build from that.  It doesn't have to be a full hour (although we hope you'll build up to that).  Do anything but sit in front of your computer during that break - get away from your desk!  Better yet - away from the building! 

Top Reasons for Not Taking a Lunch Break

I have too much work.
I need the time to get organized for the afternoon.
No one else takes a break. Others will frown upon me.
There isn't anything I really want to do.
I'm going to use that time to check my emails

Give The Challenge A Try!

Let us know what it was like taking time out during the day! Did it make an impact on your energy level, your concentration, and your ability to manage your stress level?  Send your comments to anne [dot] clark [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Health & Wellbeing).

What Can I Do On My Lunch Break?

For fun and interesting ideas on what you can do on your lunch break, go to Things To Do On Your Lunch Break.

We'd like to acknowledge the University of Toronto, Health and Wellbeing Programs and Services for the Lunch Break Challenge concept!

Lunch Box Challenges

Take the time to prepare yourself a nutritious and enticing lunch.  Here are some ideas: Lunch Box Challenges  Le défi de la boîte à lunch