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How do you make your day healthier and happier?

Have you done something recently to improve your health and wellbeing that could inspire others? Perhaps you and your colleagues go out for a lunchtime walk or have organized a healthy lunch club. Maybe you incorporate physical activity in small increments throughout the day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or getting off the bus a few stops early. Maybe it is sitting down to a healthy supper as a family.

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Employee Julan Zhao writes " I am a vegetarian. Soy is the main source of protein for me. I like to drink soy milk. I bought a soy milk maker which not only for making soy milk but also for other beans milk, mix milk of grains, nuts and soybeans. Every day I make 1.5L of one kind of milk. The soybeans contain significant amounts of phytic acid, alpha-Linolenic acid, and the isoflvones genistin and daidzein. I passed the period of menopause with soy milk."

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Do you have a suggestion for a healthy workplace event, a "Feel Good Friday" lunchtime information session or an activity?  We would love to hear from you!

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