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Long-term disability plan at a glance

What the plan covers

L is for Long-term care protection

If a disability keeps you away from work for longer than six months, the LTD Plan will provide you with a regular income. Under the terms of the LTD Plan, you will receive a monthly non-taxable disability income equal to:

  • 60% of first $3,000 of covered monthly earnings, plus
  • 45% of the balance of covered monthly earnings.

The maximum monthly benefit payable is $5,325, subject to plan restrictions.

Who the plan covers

Member only.

Who pays for coverage

You pay the full cost.

Note: because you pay the full cost, any benefits from the plan are paid tax-free.

If you leave McGill before retirement

Coverage ends.

If you die

Coverage ends.

If you retire from McGill

Coverage ends.