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Generic Job Description - Clerical, Technical, Library Assistant, Other Administrative and Support Staff

Generic job descriptions, called PEDs (Pay Equity Descriptions) were created in 2001 in order to comply with Pay Equity legislation. Each PED has a number, title and a level. The PED number is used to identify the PED. The PED title is assigned to the PED and can not be changed. The level refers to the salary range. For each level there is a salary minimum and maximum. For more information, refer to the MUNACA collective agreement.

Click on either the PED number, PED title, or Level to review the content of the generic job description that you wish to view.

PED NumberPED TitleLevel
004Laboratory Assistant01
008Animal Attendant03
080Audiovisual Support Technician03
031Athletic Facility Attendant04
084Computer Technical Assistant04
212Phytotron Technical Assistant04
006Technical Assistant05
114Furniture & Moving Coordinator05
160Senior Athletic Facility Atten05
178Waste Disposal Assistant05
229Physical Sciences Techn Asst05
104Piano Technician06
108Waste Disposal Technician06
171Computer Lab. Coordinator06
183Computer Support Technician06
219Building & Safety Clerk06
009Dental Assistant07
073Glass Blowing Technician07
142Security & Telecom Assistant07
109Environ Health & Safety Tech08
134Horticulture Technician08
166Infection Control Coordinator08
184Electronics Technologist08
037Laboratory Technician09
040LAN Technician09
065Dental Technician09
068Building Technologist09
075Animal Science Technician09
112Assistant Stage Manager09
116Plant Science Technician09
152Clinical Technician09
163Dental Hygienist09
225Chief Waste Disposal Tech09
250Client Support Rep-Security Sy09
081Shop Technician10
135Agronomy Technician10
162Network Technician10
255IT Support Technician10
039Electronics Technician11
071Animal Health Technician11
072Electron Micoscopy Tech.11
079A-V, Design & Photog. Tech11
105Stage Manager11
110Curatorial Technician11
150Info Transport Sys Technician11
179Pathology Technician11
196Chief LAN Technician11
199Chief Animal Science Tech11
201Chief Plant Science Technician11
203Chief Network Technician11
209Chief Horticulture Technician11
082Chief Petrology Technician12
113Medical Anatomy Technician12
153Research Technician12
154Course Technician12
187Animal Science Coordinator12
188Field Research Coordinator12
195Chief Electronics Technician12
197Chief A-V, Design & Photo Tech12
198Chief Electron Microscopy Tech12
200Chief Shop Technician12
202Chief Agronomy Technician12
207Chief Animal Health Technician12
210Bldg Technology Coordinator12
194Chief Research Technician13
211Building Projects Coordinator13
224Chief Medical Anatomy Tech13
119Laboratory Coordinator14
185Shop Coordinator14
186A-V, Grp Design & Photo Coord14
189Imaging & Computer Coordinator14
190Electron Microscopy Coord.14
191Electronics Coordinator14
192Pathology Coordinator14
205Course Coordinator14
206Animal Health Coordinator14