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OD - Organizational Development module

Managing Difficult Conversations

Duration: 0.5 days
Target population: Managers with a supervisory role
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
N.B. Coaching for Employee Engagement (previously called Coaching for Performance) is a pre-requisite to this course.

As supervisors, we are all confronted with challenging situations that warrant engaging in a tough conversation with an employee or colleague. Situations might involve providing difficult feedback on performance, exploring a sensitive issue around attitude or behavior, or delivering bad news. It is normal to feel resistant and to want to avoid the dialogue. We shy away from emotionally charged situations that might lead to escalation, whether involving anger or other intense expressions of pain and discomfort. Our concerns may include our own reactions, those of the employee or those of third parties in the workplace. It is important to build the managerial courage and skill needed to tackle these difficult conversations. While situations with employees are the main focus, these skills are transferable to other important life situations as well.


In this workshop, participants will:

• Explore types of difficult situations that they face with employees and colleagues

• Identify their typical internal and external responses to these challenges

• Learn how to recognize and manage their own triggers

• Recognize signs of stress in the employee, and minimize the chances of escalation

• Improve interpersonal communication skills through modeling, practice and feedback

• Learn how to prepare for, manage and follow-up on difficult conversations

• Increase their commitment to engaging in difficult conversations with employees and promoting a culture, in their unit, where constructive and authentic conversations are the norm

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