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Staff Development Courses

For a listing of courses offered by Financial Services, consult their Knowledge Base Page.

To register, view your current registration status, or cancel your registration for a course, please sign in using your McGill ID and Minerva PIN. If you do not know your ID and PIN, please contact IST Customer Support Help Desk at 398-3398.

EHS - Environmental Health and Safety module

WHMIS Online course and exam

Duration: 0 days
Cost: $0 (For valid McGill ID)
Course objectives:
Target Audience: All staff and students (including refresher participants) required to handle and/or store controlled products such as hazardous materials must follow this course. Note: If you don’t possess a valid McGill ID, please use this form to register:

Step 1: Register to this course (view the calendar, then register to a session). The date posted is the deadline to register to this particular session. After registration is completed, an email confirmation will be sent to you.

Step 2: Proceed to view this Cool McGill WHMIS presentation presented by Teodor Mocanu:

Step 3: Wait for the online exam link to be sent to you. It will be released at the registration deadline date, or shortly after.

Step 4: You have 1 week to complete the exam once session has been activated.

After completion of the exam, a short email will be sent to the participant and the supervisor.
Later, the formal certificate will be sent via internal mail to your department administration for distribution.

Validity: 3 years


Module Course Duration Start Date Registration
EHS WHMIS Online course and exam 0 day Nov 24, 2014 Please sign in to register
Maximum Number of Participants 120
Time Web Training

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