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Staff Development Courses

For a listing of courses offered by Financial Services, consult their Knowledge Base Page.

To register, view your current registration status, or cancel your registration for a course, please sign in using your McGill ID and Minerva PIN. If you do not know your ID and PIN, please contact IST Customer Support Help Desk at 398-3398.

ADV - Academic Advising Module

Student Development

Certificate of communication test - test

course 1
course test

COM - Communication module

French at Work Program Information Session
French - PLACEMENT TESTView calendar
Level 1 - Élémentaire - La vie de bureau
Level 1 - Élémentaire - Le service à la clientèleView calendar
Level 2 - Intermédiaire - Le service à la clientèle
Level 2 - Intermédiaire - Les relations interpersonnelles en situation formelle et informelleView calendar
Level 3 - Avancé - L’art de la communication View calendar
Level 3 - Avancé - Les valeurs au travail
NIVEAU DÉBUTANT - Premier contact en françaisView calendar

EHS - Environmental Health and Safety module

Asbestos General Basic Training (Theory)View calendar
Asbestos Management
Hazardous Waste Disposal Live Training
Hazardous Waste Disposal online course and exam for Staff [restricted to]View calendar
Hazardous Waste Disposal online course and exam for Students [restricted to]View calendar
How to use myLab - Chemical Inventory & Waste Pickup TrainingView calendar
HPTR Info Session, i.e. Biosafety for Managers
Internal Responsibility Course for Laboratory ManagersView calendar
Internal Responsibility System: Health and Safety for Managers and SupervisorsView calendar
Introduction to BiosafetyView calendar
Laser Safety CourseView calendar
Nanoparticle Webinar: Measuring, Evaluating and Managing Nanoparticle Exposures
Radiation Safety: Principles of Laboratory Radiation Safety
Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets
SIMDUT pour le personnel de laboratoire
Type A package training (Radiation)
WHMIS Live course presentationView calendar
WHMIS Online course and exam for staff [restricted to]View calendar
WHMIS Online course and exam for students [restricted to]View calendar

EMFP - Emergency Measures & Fire Prevention

688 Sherbrooke w. - Safety Awareness Session

FIN - Financial Services Module

Financial Services is currently working on revamping its training curriculum to better serve you, and therefore, the Financial Administration curriculum is temporarily suspended, excluding the Journals, Adjustments and Transfers course. A notice will be posted here once the schedule is launched.
Basic Data Concepts (Accounting Department Staff only)
Financial Services Teams (FST) - Advances & Expense Reports Training (for FST Staff only)
Financial Services Teams (FST) - Research Administration at McGill (for FST and central Financial Services staff only)

HR - Human Resources module

Benefits Presentation
Collective Agreements
Disciplinary and Administrative (Non-Disciplinary) MeasuresView calendar
Grievances and Arbitration
HR Administrative Forum
McGill 101 – An Introduction to McGill University
Renewal of the M.U.N.A.C.A. Collective Agreement
Staffing 101 and Interviewing Skills
Unionization Process

HWP - Health & Well Being Program Series

Boost Your Health 2016: Humor, Magic and MedicineView calendar
Boost Your Health 2016: Walking as a Tool for Improving Health

LDP - Leadership Development Program

LDP Change Agent Stream - Group Dynamics & Facilitation
LDP Change Agent Stream - Process Improvement (LEAN - White Belt)
LDP Change Agent Stream - Project Management
LDP Core Program - Emotional Intelligence
LDP Core Program - EQ: Leading in a Changing Culture
LDP Core Program - Leading Change
LDP Core Program - Listening & Effective Communication
LDP Core Program - Managing Conflict
LDP Core Program - Organizational Effectiveness Strategies & Tools
LDP Core Program - Team Dynamics
LDP Core Program - Wrap-Up Session
LDP Launch Program
LDP Student Affairs Professionals Stream - Knowing our Students: Student Development
LDP Student Affairs Professionals Stream - Managing Effective Coaching Conversations
LDP Student Affairs Professionals Stream - Partners in Student Success
LDP Supervisor Stream - Coaching for Performance
LDP - Supervisor Stream - Managing Talent & Planning for Succession
LDP Supervisor Stream - Staffing 101 & Interviewing
Leadership Development Program - Information session

LEAD - Leadership module

Emotional Intelligence (For Clerical & Technical Staff)
Emotional Intelligence (For Management & Excluded) View calendar
Emotional Intelligence II
Group Dynamics & Facilitation (For Management & Excluded)
Listening & Effective Communication (For Clerical & Technical Staff) View calendar
Listening & Effective Communication (For Management & Excluded) View calendar
Managing Conflict (For Management & Excluded) View calendar
Surviving & Thriving through Times of Change (For Clerical & Technical Staff)
Team Dynamics (For Management & Excluded)

LEAN - Process and Problem Solving Methodology

2 day Yellow Belt Training (LEAN - White Belt training is a pre-requisite)
LEAN Awareness
LEAN - Process Improvement, 3-Day Yellow Belt Training Program (For Management & Excluded)
LEAN - Process Improvement, Introduction to Lean Service - White Belt (For Management & Excluded)
LEAN - White Belt Training
LEAN White Belt with simulationView calendar

MAC - Macdonald Campus

Conversational French - PLACEMENT TEST
Exceptional Service
HR Administrators Forum
Managing Stress in the Workplace
Written French - PLACEMENT TEST

MFDS - McGill Food and Dining Services Training Plan


MGTSK - Skill Development module

Change Management (For Management & Excluded)
Dealing with Conflict (For Clerical & Technical Staff)
Managing Your Career (For Clerical & Technical Staff) View calendar
Managing your Career (For Management & Excluded) View calendar
Project Management (For Management & Excluded) View calendar
Project Management II (For Management & Excluded) View calendar

MW - My Workplace

Learning in Community
Let's Talk About Culture
My Workplace - Summer Discussion Group at Mac
My Workplace - Summer Discussion Groups
Staff Mentoring Orientation Session

OD - Organizational Development module

Coaching for Employee Engagement
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Candid ConversationsView calendar
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Career Anchors (For Clerical & Technical Staff)
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Coaching Others
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe: Dealing with the Pressures of Managing
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe: Decision Making: It's Not What You Think
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Developing Our Organization as a CommunityView calendar
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - FeedForward Instead of FeedBack
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Innovate Using Generative Relationships
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Introducing Culture in Organizations
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - It Does Have An Off Button
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Managing Metaphors
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Managing on the Edges
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Managing Time and Energy
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Managing Time and Energy (For Clerical & Technical Staff)
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Political Games in Organizations
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Ten Ways to Release Change
CoachingOurselves: Reflection Cafe - Time to Dialogue
Delegate with ConfidenceView calendar
Identify Your MBTI PreferenceView calendar
LUNCH AND LEARN: Mindfulness in the Workplace View calendar
LUNCH & LEARN: Bringing Play to Work - Creating a fun and productive environment
LUNCH & LEARN: Desire Mapping - How to create goals with intention
LUNCH & LEARN - Developing Resilience: from Surviving to Thriving
LUNCH & LEARN: How to define, create and keep the Work/Life Balance you want
LUNCH & LEARN - Leaning into the Enneagram – Personal and Professional Self-Discovery View calendar
LUNCH & LEARN - Managing Polarities vs. Solving Problems
LUNCH & LEARN - Mindful Eating
LUNCH & LEARN - Recognition and Appreciation in the WorkplaceView calendar
LUNCH & LEARN - Relax and RechargeView calendar
LUNCH & LEARN: The Four Agreements
LUNCH & LEARN - The How of Happiness
Managing Difficult Conversations (For Management & Excluded)
Managing Stress (For Clerical & Technical Staff)View calendar
Managing Stress (For Management & Excluded)View calendar
McGill's Performance Dialogue Process (For Management & Excluded) View calendar
Mental Health at Work: The Role of the Supervisor
Planning Strategies and ActionsView calendar
Process MappingView calendar
Put Your Best Email ForwardView calendar
Reflection Cafe - 5 Ideas About Teamwork
Reflection Cafe - Art, Craft, Science
Reflection Cafe - Being a Catalytic Leader
Reflection Cafe - Dealing with the Pressures of Managing
Reflection Cafe - Dealing with the Pressures of Managing
Reflection Cafe - Decision Making: It's Not What You Think
Reflection Cafe - Developing Our Organization as a Community
Reflection Cafe - Does it Have an OFF Button
Reflection Cafe - FeedFORWARD instead of Feedback
Reflection Cafe - Foresight
Reflection Cafe - High Performing Teams
Reflection Cafe - Leading Change in Difficult Times
Reflection Cafe - Managing to Lead
Reflection Cafe - Practical Tips for Leading Meetings That Matter
Reflection Cafe - Practical Tips for Leading Meetings That Matter
Reflection Cafe - Probing Into Culture
Reflection Cafe - Reflection
Reflection Cafe - Silos and Slabs in Organizations
Reflection Cafe - The Players of Cultural Change
Reflection Cafe - The Play of Analysis
Situational Leadership (For Management & Excluded)
Supervisory and Management Skills Attestation
The Learning Organization: Manifesting Our Full PotentialView calendar
Working with Intergenerational TeamsView calendar

OE - Organizational Effectiveness Series

Brainstorming & Decision Making Techniques
Effective MeetingsView calendar
Environmental Scan & S.W.O.T. AnalysisView calendar
Time Management (For Clerical & Technical Staff)View calendar
Time Management (For Management & Excluded) View calendar

OTH - Other Training Modules

Active Shooter Training Session
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

PEN - Pensions Management

Decumulation/Payout Phase SessionView calendar
General Pension Plan Information SessionView calendar
Group Life Income Fund/Retirement Income Fund Session
Pension Plan Information Session
Pension Plan Information Session at MAC
Retirement Information SessionView calendar
Séance sur la retraite
Séance sur la retraite au Campus Macdonald
Séance sur les options de règlement
Session sur le Fonds de revenu viager (FRV) collectif
Settlement Options Information SessionView calendar
Understanding your pension plan: tools and applications @ MAC
Understanding your pension plan: tools & applications
Votre régime : outils et applications Web

PRO - Procurement Administration Module

Get Your Hands on MMP (McGill MarketPlace)

SE - Service Excellence at McGill

Service Excellence for Managers

SEDE - Equity and Diversity Training (SEDE)

Disability, Access, and Universal Design
Engaging with Diversity
Race and Cultural Identity
Safer Spaces: Anti-Discrimination in Professional Practice
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Understanding Discrimination: frameworks and first steps for implementing equity in professional practice

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