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Research and Graduate Studies

McGill's research community in History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) includes faculty and students from several departments, including History and Classical Studies, Philosophy, Art History & Communication Studies (AHCS), Social Studies of Medicine (SSoM) and the Institute for Islamic Studies. Although there is currently no graduate degree specifically in HPS or Science and Technology Studies (STS), students with interests in HPS or STS can pursue Masters or PhD degrees through the existing MA or PhD programs of these departments. (See the department pages for more information.) Various courses at the graduate level are offered by all of these departments, and there is one HPS seminar course, HPSC-500, offered in alternate years, which can be approved for some graduate programs.

Applicants for graduate programs are encouraged to contact potential supervisors to discuss their interests. A number of faculty members at the other Montreal universities have research interests in HPS or STS, many of whom could provide additional contact for graduate students at McGill.

Alongside the activities of the above-listed departments and programs, the seminar series in History and Philosophy of Science, along with the Gales and Mossman Lectures in the History of Science and Ideas, help to make McGill a dynamic environment for graduate work. Recent Mossman Lectures have featured Donna Haraway, Simon Schaffer, Isabelle Stengers, Lorraine Daston, and Peter Galison.

McGill HPS is also a part of a SSHRC-funded Strategic Knowledge Cluster, Situating Science, a research group for the development of history and philosophy of science, and science and technology studies, across Canada. See Situating Science for more information.

Faculty at McGill with research interests in HPS and related areas include the following (this list is by no means exhaustive).

Alphabetical List, with departments:

Darin Barney (Art History and Communication Studies)
Mario Bunge (Philosophy, emeritus)
Emily Carson (Philosophy)
Alberto Cambrosio (Social Studies of Medicine, Sociology)
Gabriella Coleman
Marguerite Deslauriers (Philosophy)
Nicholas Dew (History and Classical Studies)
Jennifer Fishman (Biomedical Ethics Unit)
Michael Hallett (Philosophy)
Elsbeth Heaman (History and ClassicalStudies)
Matthew Hunter (Art History and Communication Studies)
Nicholas King (Biomedical Ethics Unit)
Alison Laywine (Philosophy)
Storrs McCall (Philosophy)
Stephen Menn (Philosophy)
Greg Mikkelson (Philosophy)
F. Jamil Ragep (Islamic Studies)
Tobias Rees (Social Studies of Medicine, Anthropology)
Thomas Schlich (Social Studies of Medicine, History and Classical Studies)
Dirk Schlimm (Philosophy and Computer Science)
Jonathan Sterne (Art History and Communication Studies)
Lisa Stevenson (Anthropology)
Andrea Tone (Social Studies of Medicine, History and Classical Studies)
Faith Wallis (Social Studies of Medicine, History and Classical Studies)
George Weisz (Social Studies of Medicine, History and Classical Studies)
Robert Wisnovsky (Islamic Studies)
Robin Yates (History and Classical Studies, East Asian Studies)

Graduate Funding: potential candidates should contact their potential supervisors or their respective departments for more information.

For further enquiries, feel free to contact nicholas [dot] dew [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Professor Nicholas Dew) .