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Undergraduate and summer students

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Students at the upper (U3) undergraduate level may find opportunities to work in the Centre for the Study of Host Resistance through their home department's Honours program. In these courses, students undertake an independent laboratory research project under the supervision of departmental faculty who are also members of the Centre. The procedures for admission to the Honours programs are found within the individual departments.

The Centre also offers summer student jobs each year (approximately June-August). These paid positions are offered through the individual research supervisor. Therefore, the student is strongly encouraged to directly contact a potential supervisor in the Centre early in the year (i.e., February). Apply directly to the Centre through the Training Centre with a CV and a cover letter. Your application will then be distributed throughout the Centre.

There are four McGill courses established and taught by faculty from the Centre for the Study of Host Resistance. These courses are intended for upper level undergraduate students and graduate students. Links to the course descriptions may be found within the individual departments.

Division of Experimental Medicine
516-602B: Advanced Techniques in Molecular Genetics
(Coordinators: Dr Danielle Malo and Dr Danuta Radzioch)

Department of Physiology
552-531B: Topics in Applied Immunology: Host Resistance to Infection
(Coordinator: Dr Mary Stevenson)

Department of Microbiology and Immunology
528-509B: Cellular and Molecular Features of the Inflammatory Process
(Coordinator: Dr Marianna Newkirk)

Department of Human Genetics
528-HGEN-691: Host Responses to Pathogens
(Coordinator: Dr Erwin Schurr)

An important part of the Centre's teaching program is the Centre for the Study of Host Resistance Seminar Series, which often features speakers from the US and abroad. If you would like to be informed of the seminar schedule by email, you may contact naima [dot] abbadi [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Naima Abbadi)