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Kenneth Morgan


Mailing address
1650 Cedar Avenue, Room L10.120
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1A4 

Contact Information
Office Phone: (514) 934 1934 x44629
Lab Phone:

kenneth [dot] morgan [at] mcgill [dot] ca

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Research interests

My research interests are human population genetics and genetic epidemiology with particular emphasis on complex traits in founder populations and statistical genetics of experimental crosses. Ongoing collaborations include the study of various traits in a North American religious and genetic isolate, and estimation of the carrier prevalence of premutation-size alleles of fragile X syndrome in the Quebec population and the risk of expansion of these alleles to full mutations. Both statistical modelling and analysis have been applied to understanding the genetics of X-inactivation skewing and transmission ratio distortion in the human and the mouse. In the area of host resistance to infectious disease, we have analyzed linkage of a candidate susceptibility gene for tuberculosis in a large Canadian Aboriginal family, and quantitative trait loci for resistance to salmonellosis in animal models. I am a member of a genetic analysis group in the Research Institute of the MUHC that receives support from the Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence program via the Canadian Genetic Diseases Network and the Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems Network.

Departmental affiliation

Human Genetics and Medicine

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Human Genetics; Genetic Epidemiology