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The Centre includes 24 investigators, 20 full members and 4 associate members, with expertise in immunology, genetics, genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology and parasitology, and numerous graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


Picture of Ellen Buschman.

To find out about upcoming seminars at the Host Resistance Centre, please contact us to be put on our email list. For further information on the research programs, diseases and programs of study please feel free to contact us. Journalists are welcome to ask questions about any aspect of the research programs at the Centre.

About the Centre

Host resistance is a field of study that seeks to explain the diverse nature of resistance to disease. This is a real challenge, because so many diseases like asthma, infectious diseases and cancer, are chronic conditions where multiple genes interact with each other and with environmental factors. Only by dissecting a disease into its discrete stages can the entire host response be understood. Establishment of the genetic control and biological functions at each stage of disease also makes opportunities for disease intervention.