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Students must hand in papers directly to professors or teaching assistants during class time or office hours.

What's happening in History and Classical Studies

We are delighted to welcome Professors Subho Basu and Laura Madokoro to the department of History and Classical Studies.

Professor Subho Basu is a labor historian. Currently he is working on two different projects. His first project entitled "Indentured Migration and the Dialectics of the formation of Globalized Labor Regime" deals with a comparative history of the circulation of labor between India, Trinidad and British Guiana. His other project entitled "Islam, Transnational Revolution and the Postcolonial" deals with the interaction between the processes of internal colonization and the national question in Bangladesh.

Professor Laura Madokoro begins at McGill in January 2014. Her research explores the history of global migration and its influence in the shaping of the modern world. Her current work investigates refugee movements, humanitarian and human rights campaigns, and race relations after the Second World War.