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Courses in Hispanic Studies

The programs and courses in Hispanic Studies at McGill University focus on the study of the culture and literature of Spain and Latin America. They follow a structure that is similar to other programs in Canada and the United States. At the undergraduate level, language proficiency is considered a fundamental part of students’ education and a pre-requisite for more advanced courses in the discipline. These courses are in turn organized at both the undergraduate and graduate level according to literary and chronological criteria. Spanish literature courses are divided into medieval literature, Golden Age, Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism, Generation of 1898, Generation of 1927, Literature under Franco, and Contemporary literature. Latin American literature courses are divided into Colonial literature, Romanticism, Modernism, avant-garde literature, 20th century poetry, the novel of the Boom, and Post-boom literature. These areas are studied from different theoretical and critical perspectives: literary history, colonial and postcolonial studies, subaltern studies, deconstructionism, and psychoanalysis, among others.