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Study Away

McGill offers students the opportunity to complete part of their coursework at other four year, degree granting universities. There are different options for study away: Summer Studies at a University Outside of Quebec, Study at a Quebec University, Independent Study Away at a University Outside of Quebec and Exchange Programs.

Students willing to study away will benefit from a careful reading of the information related to this topic included in Oasis website here. They should also take into account the following departmental regulations:

The Department of Hispanic Studies does not guarantee that courses that have not been pre-approved by the departmental undergraduate advisor will be approved once the student comes back to McGill. Students willing to take courses in Hispanic Studies either as electives or towards one of our programs are strongly advised to discuss their course selection with the undergraduate advisor and obtain his/her approval before commencing their studies at another institution.

Students who have completed HISP-220/HISP-219 (Spanish Intermediate) at McGill are not allowed to take additional languages courses. The reason is that HISP-220/HISP-219 cover both High Intermediate and Advanced Spanish, and therefore all grammatical aspects usually taught in language courses of Spanish as a foreign language.

Courses that overlap partially or in their entirety with courses previously taken at McGill do not qualify for transfer credit.

The maximum number of credits that students can count towards their programs in Hispanic Studies is 1/3 of the total number of credits required for that program (6 for a Minor; 12 for a Major; 20 for Honors). There are no exceptions to this rule. Please note that courses must have been pre-approved by the Department of Hispanic Studies in order for them to count towards a program.

All courses need to be taken at four year, degree granting universities and students must provide a copy of a university transcript. For an updated list of approved universities, please click here.

Courses taken at intermediary institutions or transcripts issued by intermediary institutions are not accepted. Courses taken in language schools are not accepted.

For more information about studying at other universities see the menu at the left. If you have any inquiries or require course approval, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor.