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PhD program

PhD program

The aim of the Ph.D. program in Hispanic Studies is to offer students the opportunity to become effective teachers and scholars of Spanish language and culture. Hispanic Studies provides both a broad exposure to and in-depth training in Cultural Studies, Sub-altern Studies, Urban Studies, Gender-Queer Studies and Translation Studies. Our faculty focus their research on Renaissance Spain, the Hispanic Baroque and Enlightenment, as well as on Contemporary Latin American culture. Our objective is to prepare students to develop independently as critical beings, teachers and scholars.

PhD Degree Requirements:

  1. Six 3-credit courses and the Research Seminar.
  2. Proficiency in Spanish, and when appropriate in Portuguese, as well as a functional ability in French and English. A reading knowledge of a fourth language will be determined according to the needs of the candidate's research program.
  3. Comprehensive examinations, oral and written.
  4. Doctoral dissertation on an appropriate area of original research.
  5. All courses, comprehensive examinations and language requirements will normally be completed before the dissertations topic is formally approved. A dissertation proposal should be submitted to the Graduate Committee of Hispanic Studies for approval no later than the end of the second year of full time doctoral studies.
  6. All general regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research regarding the Ph.D. degree shall apply.

Required Academic Activities:

All graduate students are required to attend the academic / cultural activities organized by the Hispanic Studies.