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Courses Taught at McGill University

(boldface indicates frequently taught)

Graduate Courses:

Literature and Society in Renaissance Spain

The Military and Spiritual Conquest of New Spain

Cervantes and the Adventure of Reading

Cervantes and the Strategies of Writing

Celestina and the End(s) of Humanity

Encounters with the ‘Other’: Spain and the New World

Epistemology of the Totalizing Novel

Travels at Home and Abroad

The Outsider in Hispanic Literature (with V. Ouimette)

The Tragic Mode in Hispanic Literature (with K. M. Sibbald)

Undergraduate Courses:

Cervantes (full-year course)

Literature of Discovery and Exploration

Golden Age Prose

Survey of Spanish-American Literature I (1492-1880)

Survey of Spanish Literature I (origins to 1700)

Rogues, Vagabonds and Madmen: the Picaresque Tradition (in English)

Don Quixote (in English)

Research Seminar on Latin America and the Caribbean

Semester themes include: Concepts of the Native American

Latin America Through Foreign Eyes

México-Tenochtitlán: Cultural Encounters

The Mexican Revolution

The Contemporary Brazilian Novel & the Poetics of Censorship (in English)


Hispanic Civilization I (origins to 1700)

Intermediate Spanish Language (course director)

Advanced Oral and Written Expression