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Pandemic planning

Professor and students

Health Canada estimates that during the course of a pandemic, 15-35 per cent of the population may become ill and unable to work. Many people who are not ill may also stay home to care for family members or friends who are ill.

In the event of significant absenteeism due to a pandemic, consult the information below.

  • In the event of a large-scale H1N1 pandemic, there is a distinct possibility of increased student and faculty absenteeism. McGill is committed to minimizing the disruption of your students' academic progress, so we suggest building flexibility into your course outlines, and considering a variety of evaluation methods (WebCT quizzes, take‐home exams, assignments, term papers, etc.)

    Click here for a list of technological and pedagogical resources that can help you continue teaching even if you or your students are offsite. The list includes technologies that facilitate:

    • the delivery of course materials;
    • the use of discussion groups and other methods of interaction in online environments; and
    • the online submission and grading of assignments.

    To discuss ways to incorporate these solutions into your courses, contact Education Technology Consultants by support [dot] ist [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e-mail) or at 514-398-3398.