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Welcome to Montreal!

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Montreal is a great place to live, work, and study. There’s always something exciting going on, and the resources of the city are at your disposal. For an overview of what the city has to offer, explore the below information:

Exploring Montreal

There is so much to see in Montreal, so take some time to explore it - here are some places which are always a hit!

The Old Port (Vieux Port)

Historic, old stone buildings, small enough to walk around, feels like you're in Europe! Make sure to visit the Notre Dame Basilica, and also Place Jacques-Cartier & St-Paul Street for souvenir shops & architecture.

Mount Royal Park

Drive, hike, or bike up the mountain! At its base, a weekly Sunday event called Tam Tams takes place and people from all age groups and backgrounds gather to play bongo drums, and sell earthy clothing and jewelry.

The Gay Village

The Montreal Gay Village is one of North America's largest gay districts. It runs east along Ste-Catherine from St-Hubert to Papineau, and is filled with clothing stores, antique shops, bars, dance clubs and cafés.

Little Italy

Italian Canadians, the largest ethnic group in the Montreal area, can generally trace their roots to Little Italy. Located on St. Laurent, just to the northeast of downtown, it is well worth the trip.Little Italy offers a great selection of restaurants - everything from traditional Italian trattorias and cafés to exceptional and elegant Italian dining.

Shopping is a must when in Little Italy, particularly in the ethnically diverse Jean-Talon Market. Montreal's largest market, it contains more than 50 stalls in a large market square ringed by shops stocking produce year-round. To make the most of your visit, try to go on a Saturday when the Market will be full of farmers and visitors.

The Biodôme

The Biodôme is an indoor venue that recreates some of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Americas: The Tropical Forest; the Laurentian Forest, changing with the seasons; the St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem; and the Polar Worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Botanical Gardens

Ranked as one of the largest of its kind in the world, the Montréal Botanical Garden is a veritable living museum of plants from the four corners of the Earth. Interesting in any season.


Montreal's Chinatown is relatively small but is still interesting. South of René-Lévesque, boul. St-Laurent also abounds with Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops, and food markets.

Quartier Latin

Just West of the Gay Village and distinctly French in character is the Quartier Latin. This Parisian-style student district runs along lower Rue St Denis, with the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) at its heart. Tons of bars, open-air cafés, bistros and clubs - all very hip - line the streets.

Dining Out

Montreal is, without a doubt, one of the best cities in the world for restaurant dining. There are enough restaurants in this city that you can eat out every night over the course of a year and never eat in the same place twice. The following is an informal (and by no means complete) guide to the fine art of dining out in Montreal, but we have only included places which are close to campus and are fairly easy on the student budget.


World-famous Montreal bagels can be found at:
• Fairmount Bagels     74 Fairmount O.
• St. Viateur Bagels    263 St. Viateur O.
                               1127 Mont Royal E.


Big plates, small prices:
• Boccaccino’s          1251 McGill College
• Byblos                  1499 Laurier E
• Cafeteria              3581 St. Laurent
• Café Republique   3563 St. Laurent
• Chez Cora            3460 du Parc
                             1425 Stanley
• McGill Pizza Lorne & Milton
• Place Milton 220 Milton (get a breakfast bonus card!)

Bring Your Own Wine

A lot of restaurants in Montreal let you bring your own wine to dinner. Many of these can be found in the Plateau area - Duluth, Rachel and Marie-Anne are a few streets where this practice is common. There are also several BYOW Greek restaurants on Prince Arthur between St. Laurent and Hotel de Ville.


The burgers at these restaurants are definitely worth the trip.
• Club Sandwich         1570 Ste. Catherine E.
• La Paryse               302 Ontario E.
• Shed Café              3515 St. Laurent
• Place Milton            220 Milton (get a burger bonus card!)
• Patati Patata           4177 St. Laurent


There are too many great (inexpensive) restaurants in Chinatown to list. We recommend getting a group together to go for Dim Sum on weekend mornings. You can sample an unlimited number of Chinese delicacies at reasonable prices (this varies of course, depending on how much you sample).


• Calories                4114 Ste. Catherine O.
• Kilo                      5206 St. Laurent
                             1495 Ste. Catherine E.
• Le Commensal      1204 McGill College
                             1720 St. Denis
• Rockaberry           4725 St. Denis (all pie, all the time)
• Ben and Jerry’s     1316 Maisonneuve O.


• The Blue Nile        3706 St. Denis
• Au Messob D’or     5690 Monkland


L’Academie            4051 St. Denis (BYOW). There are lots of French restaurants in the Old Port. Just walk around and take your pick.


• La Belle Province    1 Ste. Catherine E.
                              1216 Peel
                              3001 Notre Dame O.
• Frites Alors            433 Rachel E
                              3497 St. Laurent


• Arahova Souvlaki   256 St-Viateur O. (Best souvlaki and Greek salad in town; try dipping your fries in the tzatziki for a garlic taste experience!)
• Terrasse Lafayette  250 Villeneuve O.


• Asha                   3490 du Parc
• Buffet Maharaja    1481 René-Levesque O.
• Tandoori Village    27 Prince Arthur O.
• Montreal’s Little India is located on Jean-Talon west of Parc. Go there for the best Indian food in town!

Italian (For pizza delivery, see ‘Take-out’)

• Eduardo’s            404 Duluth E.
(BYOW)                 1014 Laurier O.
• Euro Deli             3691 St-Laurent
• Lombardi’s          411 Duluth E. (BYOW)
• Amelio’s              201 Milton
• La Popessa          3801 St. Denis
• Prato Pizzeria & Café 3891 St. Laurent
• Don’t forget Little Italy – on St. Laurent between St. Zotique and Jean-Talon


• Isakaya               3469 du Parc
• Katsura               2170 de la Montagne
• Sushi Shop          2000 McGill College
                            Atwater Market,
                            2113 Mont-Royal E
                            480 St. Laurent
• Kanda Sushi         2045 Bishop (All-you-can-eat Sun-Thurs for $20)

Kosher (see also – “Smoked Meat”)

• Yossi’s Dizengoff  460 Stanley (inside McGill Hillel)


• Basha               University & Sherbrooke
                           930 Ste. Catherine O.
• Fattouch             3673 St. Laurent

Mexican/Latin American

• Amigos              1657 Ste. Catherine O.
• Carlos & Pepe’s  1420 Peel
• El Zaziummm     4525 du Parc
                          51 Roy E.


• Dagwood’s         1627 Ste. Catherine O.
• Eden                 3575 du Parc (in Galeries du Parc)
• MACES               3437 Peel
(super cheap!)      (basement)
• Pita Pit              575 du Parc
• Santropol          3990 St-Urbain
• Soupe Soupe     80 Duluth E.
• Super Sandwich  1115 Sherbrooke O. (in the Cartier building)

Smoked Meat

• Schwartz’s        3895 St. Laurent
• Reuben’s         888 Ste. Catherine O.
• The Main         3864 St. Laurent


• L’entrecôte St. Jean    2022 Peel
• The Keg                    25 St. Paul E. (Old Port)

Take out/Order-In

• 2=1 Pizza           514-761-7761
• Boustan             514-843-3576 (excellent Lebanese)
• Alto’s                 514-844-9898 (souvlaki, pizza, hamburgers, etc.)
• Dominos            514-398-9898
• Double Pizza      514-343-0343 (for specials)
• Hot and Spicy     514-937-6000 (Chinese food)
• Mamma’s          514-288-1128 (like Alto’s but more expensive and bigger)
• McGill Pizza        514-845-8011
• ASEAN Garden    514-487-8868 (sushi, Szechuan, and a lot more)


• Belle Thailandaise       4514 St. Denis
• Chau Phraya               50 Laurier O.
• Souvenirs de Bangkok 1925 Ste. Catherine O.


• Chez Gatsé               317 Ontario E.
• Om                          4382 St. Laurent


• Aux Vivres                4434 St. Dominique (very yummy, very hippie, vegan)
• Chuchai                   4088 St. Denis (vegetarian Thai, fake meat)
• Casa del Popolo       4873 St. Laurent (concert venue, restaurant and bar)
• Govinda Jaya Jaya    263 Duluth E.(vegan friendly buffet)
• Le Commensal         1204 McGill College
                                1720 St-Denis (Buffet style, pay by weight)
• Lola Rosa                545 Milton (right beside campus, delicious!)
• Spirite Lounge          1201 Ontario E. (Eat everything on your plate - or you pay a fine and you don’t get dessert!)

Student-Friendly Coffee Shops near Campus

• Second Cup              Parc & Milton
                                3695 St Laurent
                                1800 McGill Collège
                                1602 Ste. Catherine O
                                1551 St Denis
• Presse Café             3501 du Parc
                                475 Sherbrooke O
                                1263 Ste. Catherine E
• Café Dépôt              3601 St. Laurent
• Café Pi                    4127 St. Laurent
• Café Suprême          3685 St. Laurent
• Starbucks                 2nd floor of the McGill Bookstore
                                 1171 Ste. Catherine O (in Chapters)
• Indigo Café              1500 McGill Collège (2nd floor of Indigo bookstore)


Movie Theatres

Check out Cinema Montreal for show times, movie & theatre information. The biggest theatres in Montreal are Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal and the AMC Forum. Pick up Cinema du Parc's schedule in Galleries du Parc for indie, second-run and repertory films.
• AMC Forum 22                             2313 Ste. Catherine O. (metro Atwater)  (514) 904-1250
• Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal     977 Ste. Catherine O. (metro Peel)        (514) 842-5828
• Cinema du Parc                           3575 Parc                                            (514) 281-1900


• There are a dozen film festivals around the city every year; many offer some free screenings. Don't miss the outdoor screenings every night at Place des Arts during the International Film Festival in early September!
• If you'd rather watch a movie from home, check out the selection of movies at the Reserves Desk in the Redpath Library. They have thousands of films, including the best of Hitchcock, Scorcese, Fellini, and the Star Wars collection. All loans are free, and are usually for 2 days.


Montreal is a city of festivals, celebrating all forms of art, film, music and culture. Most of these have at least some free programming for the public. Check out the full listing at the Montreal Tourism website.

Bowling, Etc.

• Laserquest                                           1226 Ste. Catherine O.
• Salon de Quilles International (bowling)   6590 Parc.
• Sharx Pool Bar & Bowling                        1606 Ste. Catherine O.
• Montreal Casino                                    1, avenue du Casino (take the metro to Parc Jean-Drapeau.)


All of the museums in Montreal have at least a few hours a week that are free or discounted for students, that is, if they're not already free for the public.
• Centre for Architecture                          1920 rue Baile at du Fort
• Cinematheque Quebecoise                   335 boul. de Maisonneuve E.
• McCord Museum (Canadian History)       690 Sherbrooke St. (across from McGill campus)
• Museum of Contemporary Art                185, rue Sainte-Catherine O.
• Musée de Beaux-Arts                           1379-1380 Sherbrooke O.

Hotels and Tourism

Find out what Montreal has to offer by visiting the Montreal Tourism website.

McGill Official Hotels

McGill offers special negotiated rates at major hotels in downtown Montreal for family and friends, colleagues, job candidates, visiting professors and students of the university. In order to benefit from these rates all you have to do is mention McGill University when making the reservations. See www.mcgill.ca/visiting for details and hotel listings.

Tourist Centre

The main tourist information centre in Montreal is located within walking distance of campus at 1001 rue de Square Dorchester (corner of Metcalfe). The closest metro stop is Peel. The phone number is (514) 873-2015. It is open daily from 8:30am to 8pm in the summer, and from 9am to 6pm from September to May.

McGill Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre offers campus tours all year long. It is in Burnside Hall, room 5, and is open Monday - Friday from 9 - 5. 


Did you know that Montreal has one of the lowest costs of living among all the major North American cities?

Supermarkets near Campus

• Metro                       3575 ave. du Parc (in Galeries du Parc)
• Provigo                     3421 ave. du Parc, (at Sherbrooke O.)
• 4 Frères                    3701 St. Laurent (south of des Pins)


Atwater and Jean-Talon Markets are by far the best in Montreal for fresh produce. Closer to campus, get fresh fruits and veggies for low prices at
• Marché Lobo             3509 ave. du Parc

Miscellaneous Groceries

St-Laurent, especially between Sherbrooke and Duluth, is full of shops where you can find all sorts of groceries and household items, many at great prices. Some of the more popular ones north of Ave. des Pins are:
• La Vieille Europe      3855 St. Laurent (All sorts of inspiring foods, including well-priced imported cheeses)
• Segal                     4001 St. Laurent (Fresh and frozen foods at incredibly low prices)

Health Food Stores

• Frenco Vrac                             3985 St. Laurent (Reasonably priced health food store with many items in bulk)
• Le Frigo Vert                           2130 Mackay (A student run health food store at Concordia, lots of bulk items and some organic produce)
• Organic Campus Shatner Bldg   Run by McGill student volunteers, this coop allows you to order well-priced, good quality organic foods each week, and pick them up in the Shatner building. If you pay a $10 membership deposit, (refundable if you decide to leave the coop), you will receive an additional 10% off your purchases. For more information, see organiccampus.blogspot.com


The Quebec version of the neighbourhood corner store, dépanneurs usually close late - between 11pm and 1am - and are great for those late-night junk food cravings.
• Marché Bisonnette                  537 Milton
• Marché Campus                     461 Prince Arthur
• Dépanneur Ultra 3                  475 ave. du Parc (open 24 hours, Royal Bank ATM)


• Jean Coutu                           974 Ste. Catherine O. (at Metcalfe)
                                             3745 St. Laurent (at des Pins )
• Uniprix                                 3575 du Parc (in Galeries du Parc)


Did you know?
Montreal has the largest underground city in the world: it’s an extensive web (about 30 kilometres) of metro stations, restaurants, department stores and hotels all connected by tunnels & walkways. There are now more than 1700 shops, 40 banks, 35 office towers, 8 major hotels, several apartment complexes, 200 restaurants, 10 metro stations, and about 30 cinemas down there. You can reach it from many large stores on Ste-Catherine and the vicinity.

Multi-Purpose Stores

Here are some multi-purpose stores where you can look for the items you need to furnish your room or apartment
• Canadian Tire                      2 Place Alexis Nihon - Corner of Atwater & Ste-Catherine O. (Atwater Metro)
• Zellers                                2 Place Alexis Nihon - Corner of Atwater & Ste-Catherine O. (Atwater Metro)
• Wal-Mart                             7445 Blvd. Langelier
                                            5400 Jean Talon O. (Namur Metro)
• IKEA                                   9191 Cavendish (It’s easiest to drive there, but you can go by metro & bus)

Dollar Stores

• 3429 du Parc (in Galleries du Parc)
• 2020 University
• 150 Ste. Catherine O.
• 488 Ste. Catherine O.
• 1500 McGill Collège


• HMV Superstore                   1035 Ste. Catherine O.
• Archambault                        500 Ste. Catherine E. (Largest music store in town - sells instruments, sheet music, CD’s etc.)

Video Stores

• Boite Noire                         376 Mont Royal E
                                          380 Laurier O. (Extensive collection of arthouse films )
• Movieland                          Galeries du Parc
• Superclub Videotron            305 Sherbrooke O.

Clothing & Accessories

Ste-Catherine Street
The most convenient area to shop is around Ste. Catherine O. There are tons of stores & malls to visit.
Department Stores
• The Bay                            585 Ste. Catherine O.
• Simon’s                            977 Ste. Catherine O.
• Eaton Centre                     705 Ste. Catherine O. (all the basic mall stores)
• Les Ailes de la Mode          677 Ste. Catherine O. (upscale shops)
• Place Alexis Nihon             Corner of Atwater & Ste. Catherine O. (Atwater Metro)
St-Laurent and St-Denis
These streets also have lots of good shops & restaurants. On St-Laurent, the best shopping is between Sherbrooke and des Pins. On St-Denis, it’s the long walk between Ste-Catherine and Mount Royal.


• McGill Bookstore              3420 McTavish
Large selection of academic books, McGill clothing and souvenirs.
• Chapters                        1171 Ste. Catherine O.
• Indigo                            1500 McGill College
• Paragraphe                     2220 McGill College
Montreal’s largest independent English-language bookstore.
• The Word                        69 Rue Milton
Used books at very reasonable prices.

On the Cheap

Did you know?
According to a three-yearly comparative study conducted by the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in March 2008, entitled Prices and Earnings: A Comparison of Purchasing Power Around the Globe, Montréal has one of the lowest prices levels of all major world cities.

Montreal is a university town and since money can be tight for students, the city provides lots of opportunities to save cash on food, entertainment, and other fun stuff. To ensure that you get all the discounts you're entitled to, consider purchasing an International Student Identification Card (ISIC). It costs $16 per year, but it is recognized worldwide and is good not only for entry into museums, movies, etc., but also entitles students to travel discounts and other bonuses. Visit the ISIC website for details.


Believe it or not, you can get plenty of free or almost-free food in Montreal, and you don't have to go far:
• The Midnight Kitchen                    Student Union (Shatner) Bldg, Rm 302
This student-run volunteer service at McGill serves free/pay-as-you-can vegan and vegetarian food for students at lunch time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Lunch starts at 12:30. Bring tupperware and a small ($1 - $2) donation if you can!
• The People's Potato                     Concordia Hall Bldg, 5th Fl (1455 Maisonneuve)
This group at Concordia offers a huge vegan lunch every weekday for a suggested donation of $1 - $2. Bring Tupperware to take-out or leave with leftovers.

Food For Thought

Part of the Yellow Door, this program offers temporary food assistance for students who are having trouble making ends meet, are sick of Kraft Dinner or who want some inexpensive and healthy meal ideas. Free non-perishable food items and vouchers are available at every Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. They also have a small resource library with recipes, cheap food guides to Montreal, nutrition info and community links.

Rabbit Hole Café           

The Rabbit Hole Café at the Yellow Door is Food for Thought's vegan collective, cooking up vegan lunches every Friday at noon or pm. Drop by, pay a suggested donation of $2, enjoy the company and eat up! They don't provide dishes, so bring Tupperware and expect to help with set-up or clean-up. All proceeds go towards maintaining the program.

The Women's Union, Chaplaincy Services and the Theological Colleges

These groups (located on University) often hold free lunches and dinners throughout the school year; keep your eyes peeled for posters.

Around Town

Lots of restaurants offer student discounts or freebies, and all you need is your student card to get them! (ex: free fruit smoothie at Chez Cora on Parc!)


Montreal is full of small second-hand clothing stores ("friperies"), and they vary wildly in terms of price range and quality. The most concentrated area of small shops is on Mont-Royal between St-Laurent and St-Denis. Larger second-hand stores are usually cheaper, and provide the convenience of one-stop shopping. Some also have used books, records, furniture and computers.
• Fripe-Prix Renaissance                    7250 St-Laurent (metro Jean-Talon)
                                                      4261 Wellington (metro De l'Eglise)
• Village des Valeurs                         4906 Jean-Talon O. (metro Namur)
                                                      2033 Pie-IX (metro Pie-IX, bus 139)
• Salvation Army                               1620 Notre-Dame O. (clothes, furniture, everything!)
You can also find pretty cheap new clothing, if you know where to look. Rue Chabanel, between St-Laurent and Parc, has many factory outlets that will sell items to the public on Saturday mornings. There's also the Le Chateau warehouse store at 5255 Jean-Talon O. (metro Namur), which sells everything that didn't sell in the stores.


Montreal is full of used CD and record stores, especially on Mont-Royal E. You can buy, sell, and often trade at these stores:
• CDement 3                                   88 Ste-Catherine O.
• Cheap Thrills                                 2044 Metcalfe
• L'Echange                                     713 Mont-Royal E.
There are always free concerts going on at McGill and around the city. Check the bulletin boards in and around the Strathcona Music Building at 555 Sherbrooke O. for classical and jazz concerts at lunchtime and in the evening. For other types of music, check listings in the free weekly newspapers. Also make sure to check out the numerous festivals happening throughout the year for free offerings.


Montreal is a haven for used bookstores. The following is a small selection of English language stores:
• Westcott Books                             2065 Ste-Catherine O.      514-846-4037
• Librairie Astro                                1844 Ste-Catherine O.     514-932-1139
• Odyssey Books                              1439 Stanley                  514-844-4843
• Cheap Thrills                                 2044 Metcalf                   514-844-8988
• Bibliomania                                   460 Ste-Catherine O.      514-933-8156 #406
• The Word                                      469 Milton                      514-845-5640
• S. W. Welch*                                  225 St. Viateur O.           514-848-9358

Getting Around Montreal

Did you know?
Montreal buses are on time 82.9% of the time.
The Metro is on time 98% of the time.
For bus and metro schedules, visit the STM website or call 514-AUTOBUS

Public Transportation

Montreal’s public transportation system (STM) is very efficient by most big city standards. The system is comprised of 185 daytime and 20 night-time bus routes and 4 metro (subway) lines serving 68 stations. Public Transit can get you to almost any part of the city. McGill itself is not a very car-friendly campus - parking is expensive and limited - so you are encouraged to make use of public transit.

Student Transit Passes:

The STM offers a reduced fare transit pass to students aged 25 and under. STM (Société de transport de Montréal) representatives will be at McGill in September in the Brown Building to issue cards. At this time, you will be able to purchase a registered photo ID OPUS card. This single card will verify your student fare privilege as well as contain your valid transit fare (your monthly pass). To get one, you will need to provide proof of residency (i.e. your lease or a bill sent to your address), proof of full time status and photo ID (i.e. passport or driver’s license) and a signed OPUS card request form (available on the STM website). If you can’t go in September, you can visit the OPUS Card service centre inside the McGill Metro station at any point during the year. Please note that only students up to the age of 25 are eligible for the reduced fare pass. If you are over 25, you will have to pay full fare and will not require a special photo ID card.


The buses generally run later than the metro, with several bus routes running all night. Frequently used bus lines include the 24, which runs along Sherbrooke; the 55, which runs up St-Laurent and down St-Urbain; the 80/535, which runs along du Parc; the 144 which runs along des Pins and Dr. Penfield. You can even get to the airport by public bus: The 747 Express Bus runs 24/7, from Berri/UQAM’s central bus terminal to Montréal-Trudeau Airport.


The Metro closes at around 12:30am Sunday through Friday and at around 1:30am Saturday. The closest metro stop to campus is McGill station, with several entrances on de Maisonneuve between Union and McGill College.


Biking as a form of transportation is very popular in Montreal. If you have a bike of your own, there are racks outside most McGill buildings. Keep it secure with a sturdy lock. Biking is a great way to travel from place to place; there are 377 km of bike paths around the city. While you might think it’s only feasible to bike for about half the year, there are those who do it year-round, even in the midst of a Montreal winter.


Did you know?
The Montreal BIXI is the first large-scale bike share network in North America, and follows in the footsteps of similar programs in Europe

BIXI is Montréal’s new public bike system. It’s the bike that’s really an alternative means of urban transport. Bixi is accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, three seasons of the year, from May to November. Stands of BIXI bikes are located throughout the city. Take one when you need one, and leave it any station when you arrive at your destination. For a trip on the fly or as part of your daily routine – go BIXI!
You can sign up for yearly, monthly or daily usage. The fee you pay entitles you to an unlimited number of 30 minute trips within that period, with subsequent 1/2 hours billed on a sliding scale.
For more information, visit the BIXI website

Buying and Servicing your Bike

If you would like to buy a bike or need to have yours serviced, these shops are about a 10 minute ride away and offer student discounts:
• Bicycletterie JR              201 Rachel E.    843-6989
• Cycle Pop                     1000 Rachel E.  526-2525
• ABC Cycles                   5584 Parc         276-1305
• Bikurious                      1757 Amherst   313-7521
Also available: Pay what you can Lesbian Haircuts

SSMU Bike Collective - The Flat:              3480 McTavish
                                                          SSMU Building B-02
The Flat is a collective that provides members with the tools and expertise to fix their own bikes. They have everything you need to learn how to fix your bike - all persons and bikes welcome. No experience necessary!

Right to Move                                     Behind Reggie's - Parking lot off of Mackay St          999-4885
If you would like to learn how to service your own bike, QPIRG Concordia’s Right to Move offers repair workshops and service space. They also have refurbished bikes for sale. Call for more information or visit the Right to Move website.

Cars / Parking

There is limited street parking, for which you need a permit specific to your neighbourhood. Permits are available from Accès Montreal offices around the city. The closest locations to downtown are:
• 275 Notre-Dame E. (métro Champs-de-Mars)
• 888 de Maisonneuve E. (métro Berri-UQAM)
• 201 Laurier E. (metro Laurier)
You will need the car’s registration certificate, the insurance certificate indicating that you are the principle driver, and proof of residence (ie. your lease, a phone bill).
NOTE: No right turns on red lights in Montreal!

Gas and service stations (near McGill)
• Petro-Canada    corner of Parc and Mont-Royal
• Ultramar           corner of Jeanne-Mance and Sherbrooke (open 24 hours)
• Esso                 corner of St. Laurent and Sherbrooke


If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, or if you’re travelling after the metro has closed, cabs are pretty easy to get. Companies are required by law to offer a flat rate to or from the airport (be sure to establish this at the beginning of your ride).
• Atlas Taxi 514-485-8585
• Diamond Taxi 514-273-6331

In and Out of Town

Airport Transportation:
Montreal is served by Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, 15 km west of downtown.
The airport is served by taxis and public buses. The 747 Express Bus runs 24/7, from Berri/UQAM’s central bus terminal to Montréal-Trudeau Airport.

Montreal has bus connections to numerous other cities within Quebec, Canada and the US. The main bus terminus is the Station Centrale de l’Autobus de Montreal at the corner of Berri and de Maisonneuve.
Tel: (514) 842-2281. Check out the websites for Greyhound, Coach Canada, and Orleans Express.
Montreal is on Via Rail’s Windsor-Quebec City corridor. You can reserve tickets on the Via Rail website or get them from your travel agent.
Amtrak runs the Adirondack from New York to Montreal daily. The Amtrak website also offers reservations.

Downtown Campus Map

Macdonald Campus Map

Virtual Campus Tour

Montreal Transit System Map