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Why McGill?

Lower campus, McGill University

At McGill, your ideas and research will flourish in an environment that both supports and rewards excellence.

From your first day at McGill, you'll quickly realize you're among like-minded people: enthusiastic, motivated, and possessing a strong desire to make a difference in the world through research and scholarship. For this reason, McGill is often described as an egalitarian community of scholars.

Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty members are united by a profound sense of purpose, creating a supportive community of colleagues that nurtures innovative and effective collaborations.

Support from faculty members, motivation from your peers, and inspiration from preeminent guest speakers and conferences will all help you to reach your full potential.

During your time here, you’ll form relationships with your peers in seminars and labs, and during any one of the plentiful social activities at McGill or in Montreal. McGill grad students achieve work-life balance by complementing their research work with social, cultural and physical activities. The Post-Graduate Students’ Society offers an array of services and events, including parties and group trips.

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