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International credentials and grade equivalencies

How will McGill evaluate my international degree?

Educational credentials obtained at non-Canadian institutions will be assessed for equivalency with a McGill University degree. Education systems, credentials and grading scales are dynamic and subject to change. Standards vary from institution to institution, even class to class.  

McGill University has a long tradition of attracting talented candidates from across Canada and around the world. Our graduate admission officers and specialists are well versed in the assessment of international credentials and grades; international applicants can be assured that our experience will be applied to their file. 

Ask your graduate program coordinator (GPC)

The faculty and staff in your chosen McGill graduate department are good sources of information on academic qualifications. Visit McGill’s departmental listing to find the admissions staff representative for your program. Please bear in mind that final detailed evaluations of international credentials occur upon application to McGill and that admission to McGill is competitive and varies from year to year. Meeting the minimum standard does not guarantee acceptance.  

Online assessment resources

Below are some on-line sources (free and fee based) to help you to estimate whether your credentials and grades may qualify you for admission to your chosen McGill program (check your program's admission requirements). These sites are used regularly by McGill admissions staff to evaluate international credential and grades. 

Government and non-Government Organizations:
AACRAO EDGE database
Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)
Association of Commonwealth Universities Handbook
Education Credential Evaluators (ECE)
International Association of Universities
Le Bureau de coopération interuniversitaires formerly CREPUQ
World Education Service