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International students

McGill is truly Canada’s most international university, and certainly one of North America’s.

With the highest percentage of international students among Canada’s top research universities, faculty members coming from across the world, and many dynamic international partnerships, McGill’s connections span the globe.

Graduate students make up roughly 23% of McGill’s 36,500 students, with the highest proportion of doctoral students among Canada’s top research universities.

The educational and personal contacts made at McGill yield lifetime benefits. As part of the most international student body in Canada, you’ll be exposed to a breadth of global perspectives that will enrich your research and your life.

The McGill graduate community comes together to unwind at Thomson House, a stately 1935 limestone mansion that serves as a hub for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars  from across the university. At Thomson House, conversations often spark new ideas, and many a fruitful research collaboration was begun over a casual meal or drink.  

International students enjoy a thriving community

  • Graduate students from 150+ countries
  • International Students’ Association
  • International Student Spouses Club
  • Free airport welcome service for new students 
  • 38% of graduate students are non-Canadian citizens
  • 49% of doctoral students are non-Canadian citizens
  • Buddy Program matches new international students with current international students

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