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Canada-Brazil Science without Borders Scholarship Program

Brazil's Science without Borders program (SWB) /Ciência sem Fronteiras  (CsF) promotes science, technology and innovation in Brazil through international mobility initiatives. The program exposes Brazilian students to a highly competitive and entrepreneurial environment within the areas of science and technology by providing financial support to doctoral students perusing studies abroad.

McGill University has partnered with Science without Borders (SWB) through the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), and we are thrilled to welcome Brazilian applicants. The scholarship is an unprecedented opportunity for the top Brazilian students to come to the highest ranked universities in Canada.  At the graduate (PhD) level, scholarship winners may be funded up to 4 years by CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior) and/or CNPq ( Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico).

Scholarship options

There are two (2) options for eligible SWB/CsF doctoral candidates:

  • 12-to-18-month PhD Visiting Student Program: the student will advance work on his/her thesis or work on a research project under the joint supervision of the Brazilian thesis supervisor and a Canadian graduate supervisor. This option does not allow for any language training and start date would be May 2014.
  • 4-year Full PhD Program: the student will complete a regular PhD program in Canada. This program allows for a maximum of two months of language training, if necessary.  Students would start in March 2014 if completing language training or May 2014 if directly admitted into their academic program.

Eligibility requirements

Each applicant must meet McGill program admission requirements in addition to those outlined by SWB/CsF through the links below.  Check the requirements of your program of interest, as well as the English language proficiency requirements (varies by program).

Applicants interested in the Visiting Student Program should also familiarize themselves with McGill’s terms for visiting students and graduate research trainees.

Full PhD program:
www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf/doutorado-pleno (Portuguese)
http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf-eng/full-phd (English) 

Visiting graduate student (sandwich):
http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf/doutorado-sanduiche (Portuguese)
http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf-eng/visitor-graduate-student (English)

Postdoctoral Fellows:
http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf/pos-doutorado (Portuguese)
http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf-eng/post-doctorate (English)

Application process

There are three steps to the CsF doctoral scholarship application process:

  1. the Brazilian student must seek a conditional acceptance into a Full or Visiting PhD program at a Canadian university through CBIE
    • Doctoral applicants can find a program placement through the following options:
    • The student submits CBIE’s online application form.
    • CBIE identifies a supervisor (if the student has not yet identified one) and secures admission for the student.
  2. Once the student has secured a conditional acceptance letter, apply for the CsF scholarship in Brazil through CAPES.
  3. The student starts the Canadian visa process once they have confirmation of their CNPq scholarship

Key Dates and Deadlines 

Dates below pertain to applicants to full-time PhD programs with language training starting in March 2014 and those without language training starting in May 2014.  As several dates are approximate and subject to change; applicants are advised to re check this website regularly for any updates. 

Note that admission to McGill is very competitive and is always dependent on space in the chosen program. Priority is given to files which are complete and submitted by the deadline.  Late applications will be considered only as time permits 

Estimated opening date CBIE on-line application for Ph.D. applicants

June 23 2013

Deadline to apply to CBIE 

August 3  2013

Estimated date by which admitted SWB/CsF applicants should  receive a conditional letter of admission from McGill 

September 27 2013

Recommended date to submit scholarship applications to CAPES 

Septembe 30 2013

CAPES to review applications and communicate their decisions and student to apply and secure a study permit to Canada

5 to 7 months 

Additional resources

More information on Science Without Borders is available on the following websites:
Canadian Bureau for International Education (English)
Promotional PDF from CBIE highlighting January 31 deadline for initial Doctoral call of the Ciência sem Fronteiras Scholarship Program (English)
Ciência sem Fronteiras (Portuguese)
CAPES - Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Portuguese)
CNPq - Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (Portuguese)
Students interested in applying to the Integrated Program in Neuroscience

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