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Word style-sheet for PC

The McGill ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) style-sheet can be used to create a new document or reformat an existing Word document (i.e., a document not orginally created by using the McGill ETD stylesheet).


The McGill ETD Word Style-sheet package is available in an executable file. Follow these steps to install the package.

  1. Download the installation file: Download the McGillETDWSS.exe by clicking on the file E-thesis MSWord Style-sheet Installation package and save to your desktop.
  2. Install the McGill ETD Word style-sheet package: Double-click the file you just downloaded.
  3. Choose your options: If you don't want to create a desktop shortcut, you can unclick the Desktop Shortcut check box. Click on the Next button at the bottom-right of the dialog box to continue with the installation.
  4. Choose your destination folder and install: Here you can choose where you want to install the McGill ETD Word Style-sheet package. Click on the Install button, this program will install McGill ETD files into your designated directory. Click Cancel to abort the installation.
  5. Installation complete: When you see the dialog box, installation is complete. Click the Close button.
  6. Begin using the McGill ETD Word style-sheet: The installation process will have created a new menu item in the Windows Start menu: Start->Program->McGill ETD. A shortcut will have been placed on your Desktop if you requested it during the installation. To start the style-sheet, choose McGill ETD from the menu or double click the desktop shortcut to launch the McGill ETD stylesheet. Getting a Start, available from the McGill ETD menu, provides you with more documentation on how to use the style-sheet.

Technical instructions for PC

  1. How do I create a new document?
  2. How do I reformat an existing document?
  3. How to apply styles?
  4. A note on Word macros security.

Once you have installed a copy of the McGill ETD style-sheet for MSWord on your computer, you can begin using the McGill ETD style-sheet. During the installation, the installation program placed shortcut icons in your Start menu and on your desktop. To start the McGill ETD, click Start, and then select Programs. In the Programs menu, select McGill ETD, and then click McGill ETD. Alternatively, you can double-click the McGill ETD shortcut icon on your desktop.

How do I create a new document?

  1. First of all, start the McGill ETD style-sheet. The McGill ETD style-sheet will create an empty document for you by default. You will have noticed that MS Word has been launched, but there are two differences:
    • the McGill ETD style-sheet has created a McGill ETD menu next to the "Help" menu in Word
    • there is a new style-sheet toolbar right under the "Stardard" toolbar.
  2. You will be using the McGill ETD menu and the toolbar to write your thesis, instead of other toolbars or menus of Word, in order to apply special McGill ETD styles to your document. See The McGill ETD style-sheet below for an explanation of why styles are important.

How do I reformat an existing document?

  1. First, start the McGill ETD style-sheet. The style-sheet will create a new empty document.
  2. Copy and paste your thesis into the new document.
  3. In this new document, Use Select all (CTRL+A) to highlight the contents of your document.
  4. Choose Edit ->Clear->Formats to clear all formats you have used in your document.
  5. Apply McGill ETD styles to your document (see How to apply styles?).
  6. Save your reformatted document under a new name.

Once you have saved your document inside the McGill ETD style-sheet you can open it as you usually do, either by double-clicking on the file or by opening it inside Word. The McGill ETD menu is saved along with your document.

How to apply styles?

There are two ways of applying styles.

The first method:

  1. Move your cursor to the place you want to use a certain style.
  2. Choose the style you want to use from the McGill ETD menu.
  3. You are now using the selected style.

If you want to use Title style which you can find in Title Page->Title, click the Title menu item. Once you have clicked the menu item, you will be using this style. When you start to type, you will find that the characters you typed are in bold and center aligned.

The second method:

  1. Highlight a section of text (a word, phrase or paragraph).
  2. Choose the style you want to use from the McGill ETD menu.
  3. The highlighted text will now be in the chosen style.

The McGill ETD style-sheet provides another way of creating a new document. You may have noticed a menu item called McGill Dissertation Sample. Click this menu item and you will get a template containing title page, table of contents and other required sections. You can edit this document to create your own thesis based on the sample. Remember to apply the appropriate tag when you make changes. The McGill Dissertation Sample also contains an introduction to and explanation of the various styles used in the McGill ETD style-sheet.

A note on MS Word macros security.

Newer versions of Word enable you to decide whether or not to automatically enable macros in Word documents. Automatically enabling macros in a Word document may present a security risk if the document comes from an unknown or untrusted source. The McGill ETD style-sheet makes extensive use of Word macros in order to function; you may need to adjust the security settings in Word in order for the style-sheet to function.

When you start the McGill ETD style-sheet for the first time, depending on your current security settings in MS Word, you may see a dialog box informing you that the style-sheet contains macros. MS Word may prompt you to enable or disable macros in the style-sheet, or it may automatically disable the macros in your style-sheet.

In order to run the ETD style-sheet properly, you may need to set the macros security level of Word to "Medium" or to "Low". To do this, select the Tools->Macro->Security... menu item in MS Word. You will see the "Security" dialog box. If you set your security level to Medium, each time you start the McGill ETD style-sheet you will see a dialog box prompting you to enable or disable macros. If you set the macros security level of Word to Low, you will not see any popup information when you start your McGill ETD style-sheet and macros will automatically be enabled in any document you open.