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Research and exams

Research progress tracking

General guidelines and regulations on Research Progress Tracking can be found in section 2.V of the Guidelines and Regulations for Academic Units on Graduate Student Advising and Supervision. This document refers to the following forms that should be used in research progress tracking:

Research policies

Graduate students and postdoctorals must inform themselves of, and adhere to, the Research Policies and Guidelines outlined in McGill's Graduate and Postdoctoral e-Calendar, as well as those outlined in the Student Guide to Intellectual Property.

Additional guidelines and tips can be found on McGill's Research and International Relations website.

Research ethics and safety

Researchers working with human participants or animals, or who will be dealing with radioactive or biohazardous materials, must obtain proper certification before the research can begin. For detailed ethics and safety policies, as well as instructions on obtaining certification, please visit the Ethics and Compliance webpage. Additional information on research and lab safety can be found at the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

SKILLSETS also offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interactive workshops that provide an introduction to ethically sensitive aspects of conducting research with human subjects.

Research activities with non-university partners

In the event that a student or postdoc engages in research with a non-university partner on the non-university partner’s premises, an Agreement for research activities with non-university partners must be completed. The agreement does not apply to co-op employment programs, and is not meant to be used in cases where a separate contract describing the research activities already exists between the University and the non-university partner. Please refer to the Protocol for use of the Agreement for research activities with non-university partners for more information.

Research resources

The Graduate and Postdoctoral e-calendar provides details on the extensive research and study resources available at McGill, including librariesarchives, and several museums and research labs.  


Students looking for general information about final exams in courses, including dates, locations and regulations, should visit McGill's Exams website

Students seeking guidance on other graduate-level exams should look at the relevant sections of the Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support website. The types of exams, such as comprehensives, are listed on the Gaining qualifications through exams webpage.

Applying for a deferred/supplemental exam

To apply for a deferred or supplemental exam, students must send a written request to the GPD in their department. Requests for deferrals also require a medical note. The GPD will then send the recommendation to GPS for approval.

Missed exams without supporting documentation

If an exam is missed and no supporting documentation is available, students must contact the GPD in their department.

Applying for an exam reread

Please refer to the Graduate Studies Reread Policy.