SKILLSETS is a suite of workshops designed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to complement their research training and provide them with general, transitional and professional skill development opportunities. It is jointly hosted by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Teaching and Learning Services.

SKILLSETS and its partners offer over 200 workshops, information sessions and events throughout the year that are FREE to all McGill Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows. Click here for a calendar.

GPS Student Workshops, Webinars and Info Sessions - 2015

Workshop/Webinar Date Time & Location Registration
Info Session: Applying for your SSHRC Doctoral Award

 14 Sept 2016

14:30 Webinar

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Info Session: Applying for your NSERC Doctoral Award

13 Sept 2016

14:30 Webinar

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Workshop: Would you fund it? Fellowship consultation session September 2016 20 minute sessions by appointment

Log in to myFuture, click 'Events', search keyword 'skillsets', choose your tri-council agency and session date. For each Prof, there are available timeslots in a drop-down menu on the right. Select a timeslot and click RSVP. If there are no times available for Prof A, please try Prof B or Prof C, etc. for your tri-council and/or select an alternative date (3 available).

CIHR Webinar on  Students' awards in health research  September 2016, various dates   Register for the webinar for applicants offered by CIHR
Applying for a Master's Harmonized (NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR) Award 18 Oct 2016 14:30

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Information sessions are on-line webinar presentations followed by a Q&A period. Each session will focus on the application process for a particular federal agency award, and cover everything from eligibility and deadlines to supporting documents and best practices.

The "Would you fund it? Fellowship consultation session" is a new layer of application review open to graduate and undergraduate students who are applying for external funding. Students will have the opportunity to have their two-page project summary reviewed by a former Tri-council or Quebec committee reviewer in a 20 minute appointment. The reviewer will scan the document and provide feedback on the structure, relevance, and language accuracy with suggestions on how to improve the draft.

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