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Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students (programme de bourses d'excellence pour étudiants étrangers-PBEE) and DE (FRQNT) / DS (FRQSC) for Foreign Students


Program Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Short-term research
Value &
(up to 3 years)
(one year)
(up to 4 months)
(up to 3 years)
Special Citizenship allowances Candidates from Brazil, India, or Wallonia region will compete in their own citizenship category in each of program levels. Citizens of all other eligible countries will compete in the "Open" category in each of program levels (Doctoral, postdoctoral, short-term research). DE & DS have no special citizenship.

Contact academic unit for deadline.

How to Apply Please submit the PBEEE-DE/DS Eligibility Screening Form, appropriate Pre-Selection Form (see how to apply section below), along with copies of all postsecondary transcripts to your academic unit by the deadline.

If nominated by McGill, applicants are responsible for submitting their online application and hard copies of original supporting documents to the agency by the agency deadline.

Please contact your academic unit or consult the FRQNT website

Apply to This competition is by University nomination only.

All applicants must apply through their respective academic unit. If you are not currently registered at McGill and wish to apply to come to McGill through this award, please contact the academic unit to which you will apply.

* Wallonia region scholarship applicants must have studied in a French-language university institution in Belgium, available only to Doctoral students or short-term researchers.

*Candidates from China may either apply through the “Open” category or though the Chinese Scholarship Council.

*Candidates from Mexico may either apply through the “Open” category or though the Mexican Ministry of Education.
The DE competition is for studies in the areas of: Aerospace, New information and communications technologies, New health technologies, Genomics, or Nanotechnologies.

The DS competition is for studies in the areas of: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Arts and Literature

DE & DS applicants should use the Doctoral-level PBEEE pre-selection application for pre-selection at McGill.


For more information on eligibility, please consult FRQNT website.

How to apply

Pre-selection process

Submit all the required documents to your unit by the deadline.

  1. PBEEE-DE/DS Eligibility Screening Form
  2. Copies of all postsecondary transcripts.
  3. Copy of proof of Citizenship.
  4. Applicant checklist - please submit one copy with application to academic unit:
  5. Pre-selection forms: You are required to submit a pre-selection application to be nominated from McGill. This pre-selection application is based on the electronic application required from nominees to the agency.
  6. Units will append the copies of transcripts and proof of citizenship used during the eligibility screening process. Successful nominees will be required to send official, original transcripts to the agency for the agency deadline. Applicants who are currently registered at McGill should order transcripts through Minerva: McGill transcript ordering information
  7. Agency Forms (please use the PDF dynamic version for preselection):
    • Doctoral and Postdoctoral::
      Letter de recommendation (PDF dynamique): Link to Form
    • Postdoctoral:
      Letter of acceptance (from Supervisor): Link to Form
    • Please inform your referees (and supervisor, if applicable) that should you be nominated to the agency, they will be required to re-submit their letter with the online system in time for the agency deadline. We recommend they retain a copy of their letter from the preselection process.