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Tri-council Master's award harmonization

Please note that the Tri-Council (CIHR, SSHRC, NSERC) CGS Master’s award submissions haven been harmonized for 2013 applicants applying to the 2014-15 funding cycle.  

The “Research Portal” for application submission to the Master’s CGS Award for NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR is now available

For information and instructions, please go to Master's harmonized Tri-Council Awards - CIHR, NSERC & SSHRC



Program CGS Doctoral
Value &
(up to 3 years)
Deadline check with CIHR
How to Apply Online application and all supporting documents submitted directly to CIHR by deadline
Contact Please contact CIHR directly
Apply to No applications are accepted at McGill. All applications are direct to agency.


To be considered eligible to apply for support, a candidate must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;
  • have completed or be in the last year of a Bachelor's degree;
    have been registered for no more than ten months as a full-time student in a Master's program;
    have been registered for no more than ten months as a full-time Ph.D student and were admitted to the Ph.D program directly from the Bachelor's degree.
  • be applying for support to pursue their first graduate degree (i.e., Ph.D). All previous studies at the graduate level, regardless of discipline, either course-based or research-based, will be included in determining eligibility; and
  • not have already held an award from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR or any other federal source to undertake and/or complete a Ph.D degree.

Persons with a health professional degree who seek support for Ph.D research training may be eligible to apply to this program, but should also consult the guidelines for the CIHR Fellowship award program. Those eligible for both have the option of applying to either program but not to both in the same year (i.e., September through August). Please note that a person holding a health professional degree would receive a higher stipend only through the CIHR Fellowship award program.

Interdisciplinary research

Students seeking support for interdisciplinary research in areas covered by more than one of NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC (for example, research in Biomedical Engineering) should consult with one of the granting agencies well before any applicable deadlines.

Required documents

  1. Online application form (must register first)
  2. McGill transcript ordering information

How to apply

Note: This funding opportunity requires the use of ResearchNet to apply for funding.

To complete your Application, follow the instructions identified in the Doctoral Research Award "Application" Phase Instructions.

An overview of CIHR's application processes can be found under "Apply for Funding" on the CIHR website

Reminder to applicants: Please ensure that your application is complete (including all required signatures) and submitted on time to CIHR. Effective September 1, 2008, CIHR will assume no responsibility in following-up with applicants who submit an incomplete application. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted into the competition.

Competition process

  1. Student fills out online application
  2. Student prints out signature page before finalizing application
  3. Student seeks appropriate signatures (see site for more details) for application
  4. Student saves application
  5. Student uploads transcripts (students must also request a hardcopy be sent to the unit or hand-delivered by student in a sealed envelope)
  6. Referee submits reference letters online
  7. Student prints finalized application
  8. Student clicks ‘submit’ after printing
  9. Student brings copies of printed, hardcopy, complete application to academic unit (# of copies required determined by unit)
  10. Academic unit receives entire application
  11. Academic unit file review committee reviews files and decides to “recommend” or “not recommend” to GPS Graduate Funding.
  12. Academic unit communicates outcomes of their file review to applicants
  13. Academic unit forwards “recommended” and “non-recommended” applicant files to GPS Graduate Funding via GPS FAD
  14. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ file review committee reviews files and decides to “recommend” or “not recommend” to granting agency
  15. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ notifies every applicant (whose application was recommended to GPS by academic unit) of the outcome of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ file review
  16. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ submits recommended applicants electronically
  17. Agency announces winners of Masters' competition in July 2013

Click image below to enlarge view of CIHR application process flow chart

Image of CIHR roles for department, student, and GPS in swim-lane chart

    Signature pages on Doctoral applications

    If McGill is selected as "Section 1- Institution Paid Signature” and “Section 3-Signature of Research Institution," then the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Fellowships Officer (responsible for external awards) is responsible for signatures on page 3. Please allow Fellowships Officer 48 hours to complete this.

    Additional resources

    Post-Award Information

    If you have been awarded the above fellowship, please see Accepting, activating, and maintaining your award.