Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

The information in this section pertains to funding opportunities available to graduate students and postdoctorals. If you are looking for scholarships based on financial need, please consult the McGill Student Aid website.

Funding sources fall into two groups: internal and external.

Internal Funding

"Internal" funding refers to financial support distributed by the University. In many cases, students are automatically considered for, and offered, internal funding. However, some academic units have opportunities for which an application is required. A comprehensive list of internal fellowships and awards can be found in the Graduate Fellowships and Awards Calendar. Other sources of internal funding include stipends from McGill faculty members’ research grants, contracts, teaching assistantships and/or research assistantships.

Internal funding is allocated on a per unit basis. Students and postdocs should consult with their respective academic units to find out what opportunities are available to them.

External Funding

An external scholarship is an umbrella term for any source of funding for students (e.g. award, grant, fellowship) that comes from an organization or association outside of McGill. The funding that is offered can be for study and research at McGill, or for international work placements, unpaid internships, cultural achievements, study & research abroad, etc. This site focuses on "external" funding opportunities, which are offered and awarded by federal/provincial government agencies—and some private agencies—who rely on McGill to recommend candidates. The application process is usually held one academic year in advance of receipt of the award.

Each external competition varies as to where, when and how you submit your application. For a full listing of external awards for which you may be eligible, please refer to Student funding opportunities or Postdoctoral funding opportunities, depending on your status.

For a collection of scholarships and awards from organizations outside McGill who do not rely on departmental nominations, please visit the CaPS External Scholarship Database.  The listings are categorized by level of studies and disciplines.

International Students and Postdocs

This website lists externally-funded awards offered in Canada, many of which are open to international applicants. International students and postdocs should consult the International Degree Equivalency site to determine if they are academically eligible for these competitions, and refer to the International Scholarships - Government of Canada website for more specific international funding opportunities.

Various other forms of financial support are also available, including internal McGill funding and student aid. We encourage international applicants to contact their country's educational authorities to inquire about funding opportunities they may offer to study abroad.