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Vanier CGS Competition

For more information about the Vanier CGS Competition, including a summary of eligibility criteria, see Vanier information for applicants.


All recommended applicants are to be submitted on FAD. The deadline for submission is October 2, 2014.

All required documents for recommended applications are to be submitted to GPS Graduate Funding electronically at gradcomp [dot] gps [at] mcgill [dot] ca. Hard copies of transcripts are to be delivered to the James Administration Building, room 400. Clearly name your file VANIER_CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC-2014-2015-Academic unit name-Applicant name, documents/packages "GPS Graduate Funding." The deadline for submission is October 2, 2014.

Please note that incomplete, incorrect, and late applications are unacceptable and will not be forwarded to committee.

Academic unit quotas

Academic unit quotas are determined by doctoral enrolment numbers:

Total doctoral enrolment Quota
Less than 20 1
21-50 2
51 to 149 3
150 student and over 4

NB: Additional applications from truly exceptional students may be permitted with justification and approval from the Associate Dean of GPS.

CIHR disciplines may add an extra 2 (two) to their quota.

Eligibility and Evaluation

Eligibility requirements can be found on the agency website, and a summary of these can be found at Vanier information for applicants.

Required documentation

  • Original transcripts (hard copy)
  • Scan of original transcripts in .pdf format
  • Signed institutional letter in .pdf format
  • Editable instituational letter in .doc or .docx format

N.B. Student must submit all required documentation online and complete the application at ResearchNet by 26 September 2014. Units are free to set earlier deadlines to allow for internal review.