Master's Harmonized Tri-Council Awards - CIHR, NSERC & SSHRC

Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters (CGS M)

The federal granting agencies (Canadian Institute of Health Research CIHR, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council NSERC, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council SSHRC) have harmonized the Masters Canada Graduate Scholarship program.

All eligible students applying for a Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters (CGS M) use the Research Portal (hosted by NSERC) and the Canadian Common CV via the institution where they are registered or intend to register.

For more information about the CGS Master’s competition, including a summary of eligibility criteria, see tri-agency CGS harmonization site.



December 1

(8:00 p.m. ET)

Submission of online application to Research Portal (

Academic Unit

February 15

(Unit to GPS FAD)

Academic Unit recommendations are due to GPS via FAD (

Please be sure to communicate your Academic Unit's admissions deadline to your applicants!

Departmental Quotas

Academic Units are required by McGill to rank their applicants and recommend the top applicants for funding, based on their eligible Master's enrolment:

Eligible Master’s Enrolment per Department




Less than 20












61 and more




Academic Units with eligible undergraduate feeder programs, but no eligible graduate program have a quota of 2. Academic Units who admit to PhD1 from BSc can use PhD1 and 2 enrolment for determining the quota.

Eligibility and Evaluation

Academic Unit evaluations should be based on the criteria and weighting outlined on the tri-agency CGS harmonization site.

Academic Unit is to ensure candidate's eligibility based on the criteria outlined on the tri-agency CGS harmonization site.

Note: Applicants who are not currently enrolled in their intended graduate program must submit an application for admission to McGill University by the deadline set for their intended graduate program.

Required Forms/Tools

Competition Process

Note: “Department” roles usually refers to work led by appointed Academic Unit fellowships coordinator.

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Additional Resources


NOTE: GPS does not require hardcopies of applications or other supporting documents for this competition.

NO EXCEPTIONS: Incomplete, incorrect, and late recommendations are not acceptable and will not be forwarded to the GPS Central Selection Committee.

Should an awardee’s student status change in any way during the course of the award, it is the responsibility of the awardee to notify the Academic Unit, GPS-Graduate Funding, and the Agency.