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  • McGill receives approximately 10,000 applications to Graduate Programs each year.
  • The methods of evaluation are varied; the commonality among the processes is that they are highly "paper driven."
  • Documents required in support of the application are submitted primarily in paper format.
  • Of the 10,000 applicants to Graduate Programs, McGill will extend offers to approximately 3,500.
  • About 60% of the accepted students will register.
  • In a recent survey of those who did not register, 30% cited the delay in receiving the offer as the reason.
  • Many applicants have accepted offers from other institutions by the time they receive notification of their acceptance to McGill.

Strategic business alignment

  • McGill’s Strategic Academic Plan:

    Action V.2.1: McGill will improve its information systems and technology in support of the University’s strategic teaching, learning, and research efforts with the objective of providing the highest quality of service and the avoidance of costly duplication.
  • Provost’s White Paper:

    Strategy III.1, pg. 22: The need to recruit and enroll more (particularly research-focused) graduate students has been identified as a priority for the University.
  • The Principal’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning Final Report raises the following questions in regard to students’ e-experience:

    • What is the optimal role of e-interaction between students and the University?
    • How effective are the various ways in which students deal with the administration electronically?
    • What additional services and information could most effectively be provided via the web?


Evaluation and re-engineering of the overall processes for admitting graduate students:

  • Regular admissions
  • Re-admissions
  • Deferral of admission

Implementation of technologies to support the re-engineered graduate admissions process within a paperless environment. The following items will be considered within the scope the new solution:

  • Imaging capabilities for all paper documents submitted
  • Electronic submission of reference letters (policy has been amended)
  • Electronic submission checklist items in support of application
  • Self-reporting of grades capability
  • School table: SBGI (source background institution)
  • Graduate recommendation form (part of workflow?)
  • Law web application admission questions (graduate)


  • Students and Applicants
  • Deans and Associate Deans of Faculties
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Graduate Studies Council
  • Strategic Enrolment Advisory Group (SEMA)
  • Postgraduate Students Society (PGSS)
  • Graduate Program Directors and Graduate Program Coordinators
  • Enrolment Services (ES)
  • Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Those providing references for graduate applicants

Executive sponsors

  • Ghilaine Roquet, Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Marty Kreiswirth, Associate Provost (Graduate Education) & Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)
    (Project Sponsor)
  • Kathleen Massey, University Registrar, Enrolment Services
  • Showan Nazat, Assistant Professor, Department of Mining and Materials Engineering
  • Larry Tansey, Director, Project Management Office
  • Kostya Dykukha, Project Manager, Project Management Office
  • Brigitte Champigny, Director,Information Systems Resources