About Us

Mission Statement

The McGill Global Mental Health Program (GMHP) is a multidisciplinary initiative that aims to foster collaborative action research, capacity building, and knowledge exchange to address the disparities in mental health in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).

The program builds on McGill’s longstanding engagement with cultural psychiatry by bringing the methods and perspectives of social sciences and mental health practice to bear on understanding and responding to mental health problems in international contexts.  The program is based in the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry with a steering community that includes faculty from anthropology, epidemiology, family medicine, law, physical and occupational therapy, psychiatry, psychology, social studies of medicine, and social work.

The program holds monthly rounds in global mental health, training opportunities for students including an annual summer school, promotes interdisciplinary research, and provides consultation.

GMHR Agenda

A balanced research agenda for the future of GMH must focus not only on the biological molecular bases and global burden of mental disorders, but also on the wider molar context: the social, cultural, environmental and economic determinants of mental health and illness. To maximize the capacity for effective knowledge translation and innovation in resource-scarce countries, action research initiatives must engage with local priorities and perspectives. Multilevel, transdisciplinary approaches grounded in local cultures can provide a basis for a more inclusive, and responsive GMH agenda.

The GMH Program links McGill faculty and students with colleagues across Canada and beyond. It aims to establish partnerships with research teams in low and middle-income countries, for collaborative projects.