Residential Segregation, Income Inequality, and Psychosocial Problems: Visible Minority Adolescents in Multilevel Context

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Research centers on how the life chances of individuals are structured along the lines of race and ethnicity. One of the most persistent problems in the social sciences is understanding why some racial and ethnic minorities tend to fare worse in the labor market, have lower academic achievement, and lower levels of physical and mental health than their White counterparts in the "lands of opportunity." Drawing on work in the areas of criminology, race relations, stratification, and medical sociology, my primary research and teaching interests focus on exploring the impact that income inequality, segregation/racism, and discrimination have on the health of youth of color in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Currently, exploring how these structural conditions at the neighborhood and school levels impact the physical/mental health of Latino youth and their families in a multi-level context. Also examining how these structural conditions affect the mental health of recent immigrants.

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01/01/2011 to 10/06/2022
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Social Sciences & Humanities
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