Project Title Country Type of Project Project Start Date Project End Date
Internal Medicine/HIV/TB in The Gambia Gambia Pre-Clinical 17-11-2008 17-11-2008
Internal Medicine Shadowing Ethiopia Pre-Clinical 01-07-2005 01-07-2005
Medical rotation in pediatric infectious disease and research assistant to a study of inhaled nitric oxide as adjunctive therapy for cerebral malaria Uganda Clinical 26-11-2011 24-12-2011
Shadowing in Bordeaux France Pre-Clinical 01-08-2004 01-08-2004
Rotation in Nairobi Kenya Clinical 19-12-2011 15-01-2012
IFMSA Clinical Elective Psychiatry Spain Pre-Clinical 01-08-2011 01-08-2011
Experience at OMAF in Rural Cameroon Cameroon Pre-Clinical 03-04-2008 03-04-2008
Rural Family Medicine in the Bahamas Bahamas Clinical 16-01-2012 12-02-2012
Community Outreach Centre and Orphanage Zimbabwe Pre-Clinical 01-12-2000 01-12-2000
Diverse Elective in Rural and Urban Medicine Uganda Pre-Clinical 01-07-2000 01-07-2000
Surgery and the Children of Africa Kenya Pre-Clinical 15-11-2004 15-11-2004
Whitehorse Family Medicine Elective Canada Pre-Clinical 16-01-2012 12-02-2012
Glasgow Elective UK Pre-Clinical 02-07-2004 02-07-2004
Family Medicine in Spain Spain Clinical 12-03-2012 08-04-2012
Rural Family Medicine in Israel Israel Pre-Clinical 09-05-2011 09-05-2011
Community Outreach in Family Medicine Burkina Faso Pre-Clinical 01-06-2004 01-06-2004
Rural Community Health Centre in Hawaii United States Clinical 07-05-2012 30-06-2012
Elective in Delhi India Pre-Clinical 02-07-2001 02-07-2001
Mayan Medical Aid Guatemala Pre-Clinical 25-08-2008 25-08-2008
Rural Family Medicine Peru Pre-Clinical 07-05-2012 03-06-2012
Orthopaedic Surgery Ireland Pre-Clinical 01-07-2004 01-07-2004
Family Medicine in Haifa and Be'ersheva Israel Clinical 12-03-2012 08-04-2012
Tropical Medicine Elective in Ghana Ghana Clinical 29-06-2013 28-07-2013
Family Medicine in Ghana Ghana Pre-Clinical 22-11-2010 22-11-2010
Ethiopian Internal Medicine Ethiopia Pre-Clinical 05-07-2005 05-07-2005


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