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Global Health Projects at McGill University

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Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort ascending Project End Date
Imagerie correlative par TEM et NanoSIMS Maryam Tabrizian 01-09-2005 31-08-2008
Advanced Reaction Kinetic Modeling of Chromatic Dynamics in Transcription Regulation Leon Glass 01-09-2005 31-08-2007
The role of protein arginine methylation in cancer Stephane Richard 16-08-2005 16-08-2010
Oncolytic Virotherapy for Adult T cell Leukemia John Hiscott 01-07-2005 30-06-2010
StrokEngine and StrokEngine-Assess Nicol Korner-Bitensky 16-06-2005 16-06-2011
Stigma and the Dynamics of Social Exclusion in Severe Mental Illness Duncan Pedersen 01-06-2005 31-03-2007
Improving access and quality of HIV care in remote settings: embedding new methodologies and knowledge transfer Christos Tsoukas 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Surgical Skills Evaluation 2 Gerald Fried 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Scaling up Zinc for Young Children (SUZY) Charles Larson 20-04-2005 30-06-2007
Surgical Skills Evaluation 3 Gerald Fried 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Combining Optoelectronic Plethysmography with Whole Body Plethysmography Peter Macklem 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Surgical Skills Evaluation 1 Gerald Fried 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Apolipoproteins & Vascular Disease Allan Sniderman 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Developpement des biointerfaces nanostructurees pour la detection des biomarquers de sepsis Maryam Tabrizian 01-04-2005 31-05-2010
The Academy for Eating Disorders Howard Steiger 01-01-2005 30-12-2010
Program of Anesthesia in Rwanda Franco Carli 01-01-2005 29-01-2015
World Legal Rights Data Centre (WoRLD) Jody Heymann 01-01-2005 06-10-2022
An Ethnographic Investigation of International Medical Aid to Haiti Pierre Minn 01-01-2005 31-08-2008
State of Kuwait Dermatology Residency Training Program Denis Sasseville 30-11-2004 22-08-2011
Optimal subthalamic nucleus stimulation site in patients with Parkinson's disease Roderick Edwards 01-11-2004 01-01-2007
Safety, efficacy, and acceptability of expressed heat treated breast-milk use by HIV-1 infected women in South Africa Katherine Gray-Donald 01-10-2004 01-10-2007
Department of Dermatology of the State of Kuwait Denis Sasseville 01-10-2004 05-10-2022
MBD2/demethylase a novel target for drugs inhibiting cancer metastasis Moshe Szyf 14-05-2004 31-08-2006
Response of Childbearing Newcomers to Referrals for Care Anita J Gagnon 01-04-2004 31-03-2006
The Childbearing Health and Related Service Needs of Newcomers (CHARSNN) Anita J Gagnon 01-04-2004 31-03-2010


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