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Global Health Projects at McGill University

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Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort ascending Project End Date
Intensive day program for high risk elementary aged children from inner cityKingston using cultural therapy Jaswant Guzder 10-07-2006 25-08-2006
Psychohistoriography: A Post-ColonialPsychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Model Jaswant Guzder 29-05-2006 29-12-2007
Roots of Resilience: Transformations of Identity and Community in Indigenous Mental Health Laurence J. Kirmayer 11-05-2006 11-05-2008
International Consortium for Cultural Consultation Laurence J. Kirmayer 11-05-2006 11-05-2008
The socio-economic impact of community-based rural electrification: evidence from a randomized experiment in Kenya Matthieu Chemin 01-05-2006 01-05-2016
Kidney Allocation for Transplantation Dana Baran 01-05-2006 30-12-2008
Effects of Parkinson's disease on communication and language perception Marc D. Pell 01-05-2006 30-04-2011
Improving health in communities of extreme poverty: A multidisciplinary and participatory approach using health, nutrition and education interventions Theresa Gyorkos 01-04-2006 31-03-2011
Residential trajectory of Montreal street youth Jean-Francois Boivin 01-04-2006 30-09-2009
Emergency Obstetric Care Lynn McLauchlin 28-03-2006 31-12-2008
HIV/AIDS prevention among youth in Bangladesh Charles Larson 28-02-2006 28-02-2008
Impact of round the clock oral testing and counseling of pregnant women in labor in rural India Nitika Pant Pai. MD, MPH, PhD 20-01-2006 20-12-2007
Role of E6/E7 onco-proteins in human breast carcinogenesis and metastasis Ala-Eddin Al Moustafa 02-01-2006 02-01-2009
McGill Nurses for Highlands Hope Madeleine Buck 01-01-2006 01-01-2013
Canada-German Collaboration on Infectious Disease Emil Skamene 01-01-2006 01-01-2010
International Society for Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes & Immobilization Biotechnology (ISABI) Thomas Chang 01-01-2006 30-11-2007
Policy Fellowship Program Jody Heymann 01-01-2006 06-10-2022
SABPA Study (Sympathetic Activity and Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Africans) Nancy Frasure-Smith 01-01-2006 26-09-2022
Improving the Quality of Care Though Routine, Successful Implementation of Evidence-based Practice at the Bedside: How Does It happen? Judith Ritchie 01-01-2006 30-11-2007
International Medical Educators Exchange - IMEX Yvonne Steinert 01-01-2006 20-12-2010
Functionalized nanostructures to develop new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies: A translational approach from nanotechnology to regenerative medicine Maryam Tabrizian 01-11-2005 01-11-2008
The Development and Effect of HIV-Specific CD4 Responses on Primary HIV Infection Treated with Antiretroviral Therapy Alone or with the addition of Therapeutic Immunization Jean Pierre Routy 21-09-2005 21-02-2008
McGill-Carlos III Scientific Exchange A. Claudio Cuello 05-09-2005 31-08-2008
Caracterisation de nanostructures par microscopie ionique (nano-sims) a l'interface organique-inorganique des tissus calcifies Maryam Tabrizian 01-09-2005 31-08-2008
Imagerie correlative par TEM et NanoSIMS Maryam Tabrizian 01-09-2005 31-08-2008


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