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Global Health Projects at McGill University


Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort ascending Project End Date
Role for NK cells in protection from HIV infection Nicole Bernard 05-07-2009 01-07-2013
Antimicrobial resistance and ribotyping of Clostridium difficile strains from Italy: 1987-2008 Mark Miller 01-07-2009 01-01-2010
Worldwide Innovative Network Gerald Batist 01-07-2009 30-09-2022
Investigating the Role of Self-Report Bias in Health Inequalities Between and Within Countries Sam Harper 01-06-2009 01-06-2012
Early Childhood Health and Education Frances Aboud 04-03-2009 04-03-2012
Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for dengue virus infection Brian Ward 08-01-2009 08-01-2011
Nursing Global Health Studies (GHS): Kenya Anita J Gagnon 01-01-2009 31-12-2018
Nursing Global Health Studies (GHS): Thailand Anita J Gagnon 01-01-2009 31-12-2018
Etiology of AVN of the hip Edward J. Harvey 01-01-2009 01-01-2014
Pilot project for Early Childhood Education in Benin Enrique Garcia Bengoechea 01-01-2009 31-12-2010
Health Insurance Access Database (HIAD) Amelie Quesnel-Vallee 01-01-2009 28-10-2022
Using positive youth development through sport to promote the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Gordon Bloom 01-10-2008 29-07-2010
Clinical Preventive Guidelines for Pregnancy for Newly Arrived Immigrants and Refugees to Canada Anita J Gagnon 01-09-2008 31-12-2010
Collaborative project to strengthen clinical and research capability for the reduction of HIV transmission and improvement of antiretroviral treatment outcomes in Guatemala City Richard Lalonde 01-09-2008 31-12-2010
Innovative approaches for diagnosing tuberculosis in the era of HIV Madhukar Pai 20-07-2008 20-07-2011
Host Genetics of Common Infectious Diseases Erwin Schurr 27-06-2008 27-06-2011
Malnutrition and Infection in Panamanian Children Marilyn Scott 22-06-2008 22-06-2011
What's the damage? Quality of life and health utilities among patients treated for tuberculosis infection and disease Kevin Schwartzman 01-06-2008 31-05-2012
Changes in serotonergic receptors after antidepressants treatment in the rat model of depression. Mirko Diksic 01-06-2008 31-05-2011
The welfare effects of health insurance in a Jua Kali Association in Kenya Matthieu Chemin 01-05-2008 01-05-2013
Impact of orofacial manifestations of systemic sclerosis on health related quality of life Mervyn Gornitsky 01-04-2008 31-03-2011
Alcoholism treatment and research in three Central American countries Gaston Harnois 01-04-2008 01-04-2012
Mechanisms underlying the effects of stress Jens Pruessner 01-04-2008 31-03-2010
Nanoparticle toxicity to zebrafish Jay Nadeau 15-03-2008 15-03-2012
CIHR-NSFC Canada-China Joint Health Initiative - Structure Function Analysis of Caspase-6 Andrea LeBlanc 01-01-2008 31-12-2010


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