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Global Health Projects at McGill University

Title Project Leader Project Start Date Project End Date
Middle-ear mechanics: measurements, modelling & clinical implications Robert Funnell 01-01-1999 31-12-2015
World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery Christo Tchervenkov 03-05-2007 30-12-2015
The International Working Group for Mapping and Coding of Nomenclatures for Paediatric and Congenital Heart Disease Christo Tchervenkov 27-05-2001 31-12-2015
Fumarate Reductase and its Newly Discovered Role in the Function of the Flagellar Switch Complex of E. coli. Rose Johnstone 20-08-2007 31-12-2015
Genetics of Hydatidiform Moles Rima Slim 01-07-2002 31-12-2015
Kibale Health and Conservation Centre Colin Chapman 20-01-2007 01-01-2016
Randomized trial of Latent TB therapy Dick Menzies 02-08-2009 31-12-2015
Reproductive Outcomes and Migration (ROAM: an International Research Collaboration) Anita J Gagnon 01-01-2004 31-12-2018
Nursing Global Health Studies (GHS): Thailand Anita J Gagnon 01-01-2009 31-12-2018
Nursing Global Health Studies (GHS): Kenya Anita J Gagnon 01-01-2009 31-12-2018
The Palawan suicide project Fabrice Jollant 01-03-2010 12-09-2022
A rehabilitation living lab: creating enabling environments for social participation and social inclusion for individuals with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. Eva Kehayia 01-01-2012 26-09-2022
Investigating lexical access and representation in individuals with stroke and aphasia. Eva Kehayia 01-01-2012 26-09-2022
Cognitive reserve in normal aging compared to individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease Eva Kehayia 01-01-2012 26-09-2022
Developing practice guidelines for the treatment of burn survivors Bernadette Nedelec 01-01-2012 26-09-2022
Clinical Internships Caroline Storr 01-01-2012 26-09-2022
Clinical Internships Adriana Venturini 01-01-2012 26-09-2022
SABPA Study (Sympathetic Activity and Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Africans) Nancy Frasure-Smith 01-01-2006 26-09-2022
Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences - Growth, Development and Metabolism Program Michael J. Meaney 01-01-2012 27-09-2022
E-Santé Sans-Fil et Technologies Habili-Tantes Fabrice Labeau 01-01-2012 27-09-2022
“Preventing Youth Violence in El Salvador: The Role of New Graduate Teachers of Innovative Physical Educatio Enrique Garcia Bengoechea 01-01-2011 01-01-2022
Project "Huella Salud" in Secondary Schools Enrique Garcia Bengoechea 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
Cross-Cultural Motivation for Physical Activity and Sport Catherine M. Sabiston 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
BluePrint Project Tomi Pastinen 01-01-2011 29-09-2022
Regulation of Intracellular Signalling and Cancer Diagnostic Francois Fagotto 01-09-2002 29-09-2022


Title Project Leader Project Start Date Project End Date
Advanced Reaction Kinetic Modeling of Chromatic Dynamics in Transcription Regulation Leon Glass 01-09-2005 31-08-2007
Surgical Skills Evaluation 1 Gerald Fried 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Surgical Skills Evaluation 2 Gerald Fried 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
McGill-Carlos III Scientific Exchange A. Claudio Cuello 05-09-2005 31-08-2008
MBD2/demethylase a novel target for drugs inhibiting cancer metastasis Moshe Szyf 14-05-2004 31-08-2006
Developpement des biointerfaces nanostructurees pour la detection des biomarquers de sepsis Maryam Tabrizian 01-04-2005 31-05-2010
Caracterisation de nanostructures par microscopie ionique (nano-sims) a l'interface organique-inorganique des tissus calcifies Maryam Tabrizian 01-09-2005 31-08-2008
McGill-Oxford Graduate Student Exchanges in Pharmacology & Therapeutics A. Claudio Cuello 01-09-2005 31-08-2008
Indigenous Peoples' Food Systems for Health Harriet Kuhnlein 20-04-2002 20-04-2008
Surgical Skills Evaluation 3 Gerald Fried 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Apolipoproteins & Vascular Disease Allan Sniderman 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Combining Optoelectronic Plethysmography with Whole Body Plethysmography Peter Macklem 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Stigma and the Dynamics of Social Exclusion in Severe Mental Illness Duncan Pedersen 01-06-2005 31-03-2007
PROBIT: The effect of a breastfeeding promotion intervention on short- and long-term child health and development. Michael Kramer 01-04-2001 31-03-2008
Scaling up Zinc for Young Children (SUZY) Charles Larson 20-04-2005 30-06-2007
Mother and Child Health International Research Network Richard Hamilton 01-04-2003 01-04-2008
Artificial Intelligence for choosing HIV/AIDS treatments Christos Tsoukas 20-04-2003 20-04-2007
Improving access and quality of HIV care in remote settings: embedding new methodologies and knowledge transfer Christos Tsoukas 20-04-2005 20-04-2007
Imagerie correlative par TEM et NanoSIMS Maryam Tabrizian 01-09-2005 31-08-2008
Roots of Resilience: Transformations of Identity and Community in Indigenous Mental Health Laurence J. Kirmayer 11-05-2006 11-05-2008
International Consortium for Cultural Consultation Laurence J. Kirmayer 11-05-2006 11-05-2008
Functionalized nanostructures to develop new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies: A translational approach from nanotechnology to regenerative medicine Maryam Tabrizian 01-11-2005 01-11-2008
Zimbabwe Vitamin A for Mothers and Babies project (ZVITAMBO) Brian Ward 16-01-2001 31-03-2007
HIV Care and prevention programs for mothers and children in Zimbabwe Brian Ward 28-03-2003 30-06-2007
The lifecourse approach to study the aetiology of head and neck cancer: HeNCe life study Paul Allison 01-01-2004 31-12-2008


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