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Format: 2015-01-26
Format: 2015-01-26
Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort icon Project End Date
Enhancing Global Infectious Disease Surveillance Timothy Brewer 2007-01-01 2010-12-31
Traitements cibles sur une signature genomique en oncologie : itineraire d'un essai et enjeux pour les patients Alberto Cambrosio 2007-01-01 2010-12-31
Treatment of cutaneous leishmanisis in Peru with imiquimod, an immunomodulator Greg Matlashewski 2006-12-22 2009-12-22
The impact of viral diversity on rates of HIV transmission in Cameroon Mark Wainberg 2006-12-13 2008-12-13
Virological response and resistance profile of ARV therapy in Botswana Florence Doualla-Bell 2006-12-13 2008-12-13
ZVITAMBO Project Phase II: HIV / AIDS Prevention and Care for Parents and Children in Zimbabwe Brian Ward 2006-11-20 2009-01-15
Clerkship Exchange with Hiroshima University School of Medicine Henry Shibata 2006-11-03 2008-11-03
Students with Learning Disabilties: Graduation from College in Canada and Israel Catherine Fichten 2006-11-01 2007-10-31
Validation of interferon-gamma assay for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in health care workers Madhukar Pai 2006-10-01 2008-10-01
Evasion of the Immune Response by Hepatitis C Virus Infection John Hiscott 2006-10-01 2009-09-30
Une experience de covision adapte au massotherapeute accompanateur des personnes atteintes de cancer Andrea Maria Laizner 2006-09-01 2011-08-17
Intensive day program for high risk elementary aged children from inner cityKingston using cultural therapy Jaswant Guzder 2006-07-10 2006-08-25
Psychohistoriography: A Post-ColonialPsychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Model Jaswant Guzder 2006-05-29 2007-12-29
International Consortium for Cultural Consultation Laurence J. Kirmayer 2006-05-11 2008-05-11
Roots of Resilience: Transformations of Identity and Community in Indigenous Mental Health Laurence J. Kirmayer 2006-05-11 2008-05-11
The socio-economic impact of community-based rural electrification: evidence from a randomized experiment in Kenya Matthieu Chemin 2006-05-01 2016-05-01
Kidney Allocation for Transplantation Dana Baran 2006-05-01 2008-12-30
Effects of Parkinson's disease on communication and language perception Marc D. Pell 2006-05-01 2011-04-30
Residential trajectory of Montreal street youth Jean-Francois Boivin 2006-04-01 2009-09-30
Improving health in communities of extreme poverty: A multidisciplinary and participatory approach using health, nutrition and education interventions Theresa Gyorkos 2006-04-01 2011-03-31
Emergency Obstetric Care Lynn McLauchlin 2006-03-28 2008-12-31
HIV/AIDS prevention among youth in Bangladesh Charles Larson 2006-02-28 2008-02-28
Impact of round the clock oral testing and counseling of pregnant women in labor in rural India Nitika Pant Pai. MD, MPH, PhD 2006-01-20 2007-12-20
Role of E6/E7 onco-proteins in human breast carcinogenesis and metastasis Ala-Eddin Al Moustafa 2006-01-02 2009-01-02
McGill Nurses for Highlands Hope Madeleine Buck 2006-01-01 2013-01-01