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E.g., 11/26/2015
E.g., 11/26/2015
Title Project Leader Project Start Datesort ascending Project End Date
International Inuit Health Study and Cohort Grace Egeland 01-03-2007 31-03-2011
High-risk human papillomaviruses infection in breast and cervical cancers in Syrian women Ala-Eddin Al Moustafa 01-03-2007 01-01-2009
Effect of virtual environments and augmented feedback on the recovery of reaching in patients with post-stroke hemiparesis. Mindy Levin 15-02-2007 15-12-2009
Political violence, natural disasters and mental health outcomes: developing innovative health policies and interventions (Trauma & Global Health Program). Duncan Pedersen 01-02-2007 31-01-2011
Kibale Health and Conservation Centre Colin Chapman 20-01-2007 01-01-2016
Annealing of primer tRNALys3 to genomic RNA in HIV-1 Lawrence Kleiman 07-01-2007 30-06-2007
Transport, Health, Environment, and Equity in Indian Cities Madhav G. Badami 01-01-2007 31-12-2010
Étude interdisciplinaire de l'impact du contexte culturel et organisationnel sur les decisions et standards de pratique en cancerologie Alberto Cambrosio 01-01-2007 31-12-2008
Emergency Medicine: Eastern Europe Collaboration Joe Nemeth 01-01-2007 30-12-2008
Eating Disorders Research Society Howard Steiger 01-01-2007 30-12-2007
Traitements cibles sur une signature genomique en oncologie : itineraire d'un essai et enjeux pour les patients Alberto Cambrosio 01-01-2007 31-12-2010
"Medical Tourism" and the Global Economy Leigh Turner 01-01-2007 01-01-2012
Understanding Epidemics in Special Populations: Guiding Intervention and Planning David Buckeridge 01-01-2007 31-12-2009
Treatment of cutaneous leishmanisis in Peru with imiquimod, an immunomodulator Greg Matlashewski 22-12-2006 22-12-2009
Virological response and resistance profile of ARV therapy in Botswana Florence Doualla-Bell 13-12-2006 13-12-2008
The impact of viral diversity on rates of HIV transmission in Cameroon Mark Wainberg 13-12-2006 13-12-2008
ZVITAMBO Project Phase II: HIV / AIDS Prevention and Care for Parents and Children in Zimbabwe Brian Ward 20-11-2006 15-01-2009
Clerkship Exchange with Hiroshima University School of Medicine Henry Shibata 03-11-2006 03-11-2008
Students with Learning Disabilties: Graduation from College in Canada and Israel Catherine Fichten 01-11-2006 31-10-2007
Validation of interferon-gamma assay for the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in health care workers Madhukar Pai 01-10-2006 01-10-2008
Une experience de covision adapte au massotherapeute accompanateur des personnes atteintes de cancer Andrea Maria Laizner 01-09-2006 17-08-2011
International Consortium for Cultural Consultation Laurence J. Kirmayer 11-05-2006 11-05-2008
Roots of Resilience: Transformations of Identity and Community in Indigenous Mental Health Laurence J. Kirmayer 11-05-2006 11-05-2008
Effects of Parkinson's disease on communication and language perception Marc D. Pell 01-05-2006 30-04-2011
Kidney Allocation for Transplantation Dana Baran 01-05-2006 30-12-2008